Flutter: Form and validator

In my previous posts, I introduced the MVP architecture pattern and handling the key actions & next focus with the text Fields. Today, I will demonstrate how I use the form and validator in Flutter.

The demonstration will divide into three parts:

Build the basic form

Validate fields

Get datas

Build the basic form

The form has three TextFormFields and RaisedButton so the widget trees as below:

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BMI Widget tree

The definition of each widget, you can refer at the Flutter Widgets.

There is the purpose of each widget in BMI form.

  • The container contents a child and sets its padding and color.
  • The SingleChildScrollerView: “a box in which a single widget can be scrolled” hold the bmi form that can scroll
  • The Forman optional container for grouping together multiple form field widgets
  • The Column “a widget that displays its children in a vertical array”
  • The TextFormFielda FormField that contains a TextField
  • The Paddinga widget that insets its child by the given padding
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BMI input form

How does the validator work?

After studying from Flutter IO form validation guideline, there are three steps to handle the validations:

  • Create the GlobalKey for BMI form: I declare a variable keyForm as a GlobalKey that is the unique key for a form widget refer at line 1 and 8 of above bmiform.dart file.
  • Add the validations to weight, height and age field: I handle at line 23–27, 49 -53 and 73–77 of bmifields.dart file respectively
  • Create a button to validate and submit the form: bmifields.dart has been included in the method calculateButton.

After building the UI and handling the form validation, I need to get data for the submit form.

Get data and submit

Each text form field has an action onSave that is triggered by calling onSave from _keyform.


In each onSave action, I store the values and use in the submission action.

Try to calculate without data so I got the error listing as the below image.

Image for post
Image for post

Finally, the form has been handling the validation before processing the data.

Inspired by Building a form with validation

Check the source code at BMI calculator

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