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The guidelines about your awesome submissions to the FlutterPub

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Here at FlutterPub we are committed to publishing great stories and articles about Flutter. And we will publish those articles in whatever form or genre writers decide to package their pieces in. We will take your tips/tricks about Flutter or your short/long articles about something you have learned in Flutter or your expert advice and pro tips on Flutter or your amazing libraries for Flutter or anything related to Flutter directly or indirectly. And that, before you send us your draft, please read the guidelines below.

If you are already added as a writer on FlutterPub, then skip to the Step 2.

Step 1. Register as Writer at FlutterPub

If you are not added as a writer on FlutterPub, then you need to register using this Google Form. After reviewing your application, we will add you as a writer in FlutterPub within 24–72 hours. We will notify you on the email address mentioned in the form.

Fill the form to be a writer at FlutterPub

Step 2. Submit Your Medium Published Stories or Drafts on FlutterPub

Once you have been added as writer on FlutterPub, now you can submit your published or draft stories on FlutterPub through Medium. After writing, to submit your draft click on the top-right menu icon.

Click on Top-Right Menu Icon (3 dots) on any draft

Then click on “Add to publication” and select FlutterPub as shown below.

Select FlutterPub from publications list

After selecting FlutterPub, click “Add draft”.

That’s it. Congratulations, your article has been submitted on FlutterPub. We will review and publish it very soon.

Thank you very much. We are really excited to have you as a writer at FlutterPub Publication.

The Flutter Pub is a medium publication to bring you the latest and amazing resources such as articles, videos, codes, podcasts etc. about this great technology to teach you how to build beautiful apps with it. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Medium or learn more about us here. We’d love to connect! And if you are a writer interested in writing for us, then you can do so through these guidelines.



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