CodeChain Connect — 27 Jun 2018

Kiyun Kim
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2 min readJun 28, 2018


Yesterday, we held our first edition of CodeChain Connect in which we introduced our state-of-the-art blockchain technology.

CodeChain is an open source blockchain platform that is programmable, pluggable and with built-in features that support most of the transactions that a multi-asset management solution needs to have.

While we believe in the revolutionary innovation that blockchain will bring about in the near future, we strongly think that the most important and urgent priority now is not flashy marketing campaigns, is not codes that add little value, but a software program on top of which the developers can actually be able to build stuff. This is what we aim at CodeChain, a project open to anyone who wants to contribute.

Visit our Github to start playing with the source code and join our Gitter channel to chat with the community.

For more info about the presentations, please refer to the deck below.

Presentation file 1: Introduction to CodeChain
Presentation file 2: Blockchain games and GoCryptobot: lessons learned
Presentation file 3: CodeChain Deep Dive
Presentation file 4: CodeChainOpen Source and Roadmap