Vineyard spray volume rate


In the first notebook of this series, I’ve started to calculate what is the correct spray volume for a given vineyard. In this one I will make some calculation on vineyards. As you will see, I can reuse some code, but I will need (as expected) some modifications.

As usual,

I will need some libraries…

…and some data

on Albuz ATR 80 hollow cone nozzles.

Let’s reuse some classes that I’ve created on the first notebook, with diferent names if needed.

Let’s spray

A slightly different place…

Let´s get the flow rate for this application, and the proper nozzle

Mix 1000 L of water with 6550 g of pesticide in tank

But in some pesticides, a dosis per LWA unit is available, expressed in ammount of product per 10 000 m2

Let’s use a new fungicide with the a lower dosis per LWA

Now, with some changes

Mix 1000 L of water with 4211 g of pesticide in tank


This work is made of four ingredients: some ideas, lots of discussion with coleagues and farmers, support from Impactwave team (specially Gonçalo Martins) and all the effort of the Python community: