Good Morning, Vietnam!

CodeFX Weekly #61 — 30th of March 2018

Hi everyone,

once again I let a weekend come and go without writing you — it starts to feel like I should rename this to the “CodeFX Mostly Weekly”, but I’m not quite ready to give up yet! As you can judge by this issue because I am writing you today even though I have nothing to say. (I know, I write the best teasers. 😊)

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The Java Module System

All content is written, the third review came in and a lot of edits were made, graphics are being annotated as crazy and the foreword is on its way — The Java Module System is nearing production. I should actually have handed it over yesterday, but I’m not quite done yet and got an extension until Tuesday.

So while I’m desperately trying to stay motivated through the last stretch of this book, I can’t keep myself from feeling proud. I often didn’t do a good job at tackling my tasks in a timely and relaxed manner, but, hey, it’s done, so who gives a shit?! Not this guy, not at this time. 😊

Even when production takes over, there are still things I need to do, but that’s mostly just verifying other people’s work, which is much less stressful than creating content.

Good Morning, Vietnam

Putting the darn book aside, I’m happy to inform you that this newsletter reaches you from a few thousand kilometers further east than usually: I’m writing it from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 🎉🇻🇳

After (almost) finishing work on JMS, I took off to a three-week family vacation on the other end of the world. I’m currently transitioning into the holiday:

  • this weekly still talks about my normal life — the next three won’t
  • over the weekend, I’m still working a little bit on the book
  • in about 90 minutes, I’m giving a talk about the module system

No Java for you! (Almost)

I guess you can see why I won’t have any interesting Java experiences to share in the coming weeks. 😇 But I’d like to write a travel diary and share pictures and I don’t have an even remotely fitting medium for that besides this newsletter. So here’s how it’s going to go down in the next three weeks:

  • each Friday, I will publish a travel diary — if you don’t care about Vietnam, you should ignore them straight away
  • because including pictures in my emails is painful, I won’t — instead the diary goes straight to Medium with the mail just giving a teaser and the link

Even though I’m on holidays, there will be a little Java in these diaries. I finally have some time to catch up on my reading and I will share the articles I liked.

Working on the book

To relieve some stress, I recently did something I usually don’t do: sports. With the effect that I hurt my foot to the point where I wonder whether something’s seriously wrong with it. Will let it rest tomorrow and finish up my work on JMS, so I can hand it over to prod (the book, not the foot).

JPMS at Java Saigon

I was looking forward to this holiday like crazy and I love giving talks, so I’m very happy that I was given the opportunity to combine the two. In a few minutes I will give a talk at a local Java meetup to talk about the JPMS. More on that and how it came to be (spoilrer: the magic of social networks) in the next weekly.

so long … Nicolai

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From the awesome movie “Good morning, Vietnam”