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CodeFX Weekly #60 — 16th of March 2018

Hi everyone,

stressful week: I was at JavaLand, published a post on application class-data sharing (read to reduce app launch time by double digit percentages), and gave a NightHacking session about it (not yet online). I am preparing a Java 8 course for next week (did you know, you can hire me for in-house trainings?) and putting finishing touches in the book.

In between all of that I don’t really have time to write a newsletter, but there’s one topic, on which I don’t have to write much. Bonus points: It connects to last week’s newsletter.

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CodeFX Weekly #58 — 2nd of March 2018

Hi everyone,

Java 10 is coming close, release will be on March 20th, and this weekly is dedicated to turning the corner from 9 to 10.

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Bugger off, Java 9

Java 9 is a huge release that keeps on giving. Just the other day, I published a post explaining how multi-release JARs work. I still got a few more things I want to write about for Java 9, particularly the module system, but I guess this will peter out over the summer.

I also collected a few interesting StackOverflow questions that are related to Java 9. …

CodeFX Weekly #57 — 23rd of February 2018

Hi everyone,

not much going one this week. With all the technical content for the book drafted (and currently out for review), I focused on finishing the many, many, so many diagrams. I even added one of them to my post about java -Xlog:

Image for post
Image for post

I also found some time to do all the small things that I left lying around in recent weeks. I found out there are a quite a few ways to leave notes for myself:

  • Workflowy
  • unread emails
  • liked Tweets
  • pieces of paper

Hell, since January I didn’t even bother filing interesting material away, I just opened tabs and left them there — even on mobile for Christ’s sake! I went through all of these and consolidated them into my notes or Pocket account. During the next weeks I plan to go through them as well as the old ones to reacquaint myself with the ideas and plans that I ignored for about six months now. …

CodeFX Weekly #54 — 26th of January 2018

Hi everyone,

it’s Friday morning and I’m looking at a full schedule (including flying to Sofia for a presentation at JUG Bulgaria) and an empty list of ideas for today’s weekly. Until just now, when I had one. I wanted to use the time on the road to experiment with the little support for module versions that the JPMS has to offer. I usually don’t write “research logs”, but I have seen it recommended a couple of times, so why not try it out?

Here’s the deal: I’m gonna write down what I do while I do it and we’ll see where it gets us. Then tonight at the hotel, I’m gonna send it out after a little polish. But no backsies, I’ll just improve phrasing and put in a few headings. …

CodeFX Weekly #52 — 12th of January 2018

Hi everyone,

ok, fun time is over. The year really started and so the weekly is back to more technical content.

I was stupid enough to make some predictions for Java in 2018, which I’ve restated here. Then come a few command line tricks and updates on the book. Shots are great this week!

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Java Trend for 2018

I was recently asked for my opinion on tech trends for the new year (German). What a no-brainer, 2018 is the year of Linux on the desktop. Obviously.

Beyond that, here’s my answer:

In the Java world, it’s gonna be the six-month release cycle. …

CodeFX Weekly #47–10th of December 2017

Hi everyone,

excuse the delay. I’ve actually gotten back on the horse and spent Friday so absorbed in working on the book that I simply forgot to write you. Same thing happened today! So I got some good news on the book and, to not leave you hanging, fill this up with some Java 9 WTFs that were contributed in the recent weeks.

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The Java Module System

We recently released chapter 10, which is about services. It was an interesting chapter to write and I was surprised how much I ended up talking about a feature whose absolute basics can be explained in a few…

CodeFX Weekly #42 — 3rd of November 2017

Hi everyone,

I spent today traveling to Kiev for JavaDay, where I will give two presentations on Java 9. The newsletter is hence a little short, but it covers both Java 9 and 10. (Yes, 10! Read on!)

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Pattern matching in Java 10

As promised, Mark Reinhold took in the feedback on the new Java version-scheme and made a concrete suggestion. …

CodeFX Weekly #39 — 13th of September 2017

Hi everyone,

over the course of getting a few builds to work on Java 9, I spent a lot of time with Maven and decided to share some of my insights. Now, I don’t consider myself even close to being a Maven maven (pun totally intended), so take these with a grain of salt.

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Profiles for Java 8/9 dependencies

This is nothing special, but I still wanted show you. …

CodeFX Weekly #37 — 29th of September 2017

Hi everyone,

took a little time off this week, so I collected some of my Java-9-related answers from StackOverflow. But before we come to that, there’s news about Java EE’s future.

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Eclipse Enterprise for Java

The Eclipse Foundation renamed Java EE to Eclipse Enterprise for Java. Reactions are, err, mixed.

Besides the name, everybody was stoked, though.

Random Java 9 bits

Hah, stack-overflowing totally worked! I am now the proud holder of the silver Java 9 badge. does_the_geek_dance

Maven on Java 9

I already wrote about this, but it came up again, so I want to quickly repeat it: It is possible that some Maven plugin (or Gradle for that matter) uses internal APIs or Java EE modules or does any of the other gazillion things it’s not supposed to. In that case, the JVM running that plugin, turns out it’s often the Maven process itself, needs to be configured with additional command line flags. …

CodeFX Weekly #33 — 2nd of September 2017

Hi everyone,

this was an intense week. After our holiday my wife and daughter stayed with my parents in law, which means I had a whole week for myself. I could’ve relaxed or something, but the book’s schedule doesn’t allow that, so instead I worked like an animal, all day every day. I can’t exactly say it was fun, but it was satisfying — I’m thrilled to have finished chapter 7!

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Incremental modularization of existing projects

Chapter 7 is packed with everything you need to know for incremental modularization:

  • unnamed and automatic modules and how they help migration and…


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