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Announcing Codeless Conduct! [no coding skills needed✨]

The first no-code hackathon is kicking off on December 11th. Collaborate with like-minded web3 enthusiasts & win no-code bounties!

What’s a no-code hackathon and why would we need one?

The open web is growing rapidly, increasing the need for contributors with diverse skill sets.

What web3 truly needs are people with passion and curiosity. Adding value is no longer reserved for those with coding skills!

Codeless Conduct is an initiative to embrace this sentiment: a virtual event to learn and experiment with ALL things web3. Participants will deep-dive into different protocols, complete no-code bounties, and engage with a passionate community of like-minded creators who are driven by the desire to shape the future of this space. Our goal is to gather a collective of curious, creatives, artists, users, writers, and thinkers to contribute and learn from each others’ unique perspectives.

Regardless of your skillset — it’s time to get inspired, share ideas, and celebrate web3 culture together 🤓

Key highlights

  • Bounties & prizes: Our awesome sponsors get to introduce their own bounties — your contribution is hands-on and relevant. If you have another great idea, you can always go open track 🏆
  • Interactive workshops with reputable mentors: Learn from and with experienced web3 contributors [curious to find out who our mentors are? Follow us on twitter for the latest updates] 😲
  • A safe space to fail: The pressure is off! We’re not looking for experts or lone fighters. Codeless Conduct is all about trying new things and learning together 💯
  • A community of like-minded creators: Finding your niche in web3 can be challenging. Connect with an inclusive community that’s open for all contributors. If you’re looking to find an in and get to know the right people, this could be your chance! 👫

How can you contribute?

Seriously, we need all kinds of passionate contributors. Our mission is to make this space as inclusive as possible 🌈🦄🚀

For this, we are exploring a variety of tracks. Here are some examples of topics and challenges participants can expect:

  • Community building: community research, strategize community growth, generate engagement, …
  • Design: re-brand a project, design swag, conduct UX analysis, …
  • Governance: create protocol proposals, follow up on governance forums, create voting analysis, create contributor surveys, …
  • Data: build analytics dashboards for DAOs, contributor analytics, token holder analytics, …
  • Content creation: create a project pitch book, tutorials, narrative crafting, memes, write an investment thesis or research report, improve/translate documentation, …
  • Token Engineering: tokenomics re-design, risk analysis framework, …
  • Communication & PR: create a communication/branding strategy, …

… anything is possible and the list is ongoing.

Creators, let’s go —this is your chance to offer your meaningful insights!

All you need to do is sign up on our website 👉🏼

Happy hacking!

— Your Codeless Conduct Team

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Organized by 1kx Network




A no-code hackathon series aimed to onboard non-technical talent into web3

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