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Mailinator as bunch of email testing

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Hi everyone! With me again to share some experience, though or opinion about technology related with software engineering field. Today, I will share about my experience using Mailinator as bunch of email testing.

I know Mailinator from my friend that I mentioned on my stories about Cypress. Yes, he is Budi Prakosa aka Prof. Iyok (lol)! He also bring this useful service for our development system.

We have issue when we do registration, or adding user to our application. Which is we use email as unique data for each user. Because we need to validate the user through email activation, it’s mean the email for registration should be valid. And this scenario will be wasting our time when we should change our registered email on our database due to limitation of active email that we have.

So, how we solving the problem using Mailinator?
Here is the answer. From, they said:

Mailinator is an online disposable email service or, as they call it, a public email. In simple words, it is a web service that accepts and displays emails sent to any possible address on the Mailinator domain.

With Mailinator, it’s easily to do registration with unique email on the Mailinator domain, and the important things is, the email is active and supported to receive the email message!

You can visit the official website on

Just type the email that you want to use on the form, and you will be redirected to the inbox!

Picture 1 Mailinator homepage

For the example, you will use for testing email. Just fill medium on the form and click go.

Picture 2 Mailinator inbox

You will see the inbox page with medium as an email address. If you send email to these address, your message will be shown on the inbox. Let’s try send some email!

Picture 3 Mailinator receive email
Picture 4 Mailinator email detail

Voila, it’s works like a charm! Now you can solving your problem when you need a bunch of active email for receiving some message!

Hope you enjoy it, I’m happy if this article useful for you! Happy email testing!

Thank you!




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