Install/การติดตั้ง Xamarin Studio & VisualStudio.Xamarin in Window

Installation Duration

3–5 Hrs. Depend on your computer and internet

(Overview) Prepare the following installation files

  1. JDK 1.8 (64/32Bit depend on your windows)
  2. Android Studio
  3. Visual Studio Community
  4. GTK# for .NET
  5. Xamarin Installer
  6. Xamarin Studio (Same Link as Xamarin Installer but different section)
  7. Xamarin Extension for Visual Studio (Same Link as Xamarin Installer but different section)
  8. Update Xamarin Studio and MSBuild (Built-in)

Step By Step

1/8.) Install JDK 1.8 (Let’s make sure if it is really JDK 1.8, NOT JRE)

Link to download JDK 1.8

2/8.) Install Android Studio and Platform SDK (1–3 hrs.)

  1. Link to download Android Studio
  2. Install both Android Studio and Components

3/8.) Install Visual Studio Community for Windows (1–2 hrs.)

Download Link

4/8.) Install GTK# for .NET

This SDK allows your windows to run Xamarin Studio (No need to install if you plan to develop with VisualStudio.Xamarin Community)

Download Link

5/8.) Install XamarinInstaller

In this step, we will install Xamarin SDK (not xamarin studio). The SDK is needed for app development with XamarinStudio and VisualStudio with Xamarin Extension

  1. Go this link with Xamarin account

2. After Download, Install the Xamarin Installer (1–3 hrs)

6/8.) Install Xamarin Studio

Download Link (Require login)

The download file of Xamarin Studio should look like “XamarinStudio-xxxxxx.msi”

Click this file “XamarinStudio-xxxx.msi” to install

7/8. )Xamarin Extension for Visual Studio

Use the same link above to download and now select Xamarin.Android then “Latest Version”. This installation file allows us to develop Xamarin on Visual Studio

8/8.) Update Xamarin Studio (Recommended)

Normally, the version installation file will be older than latest version, so it is recommended to update Xamarin Studio after first installation. To update, just go to Help menu and select Check for Update to check latest version.

Done & Ready to Code / จบการติดตั้ง พร้อมใช้งาน

After Installation, you may find some errors that often happen in xamarin, I am developing another blog “All Error Troubleshooting for Xamarin Studio”


if you cannot install Xamarin Studio even follow this article, you can try official install guideline . “

สนใจอบรม Xamarin เนื้อหาองค์กร เข้มข้น


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