Meet Marzuka and Muvafika: Building Communities Through Coding

“CodeNow afforded me an opportunity to learn about computer programming. It inspired me to expand my knowledge and share what I have learned with other students.”

Why did you decide to sign up for CodeNow?

Marzuka: I wanted to see what coding was like. I had never coded before but I heard about CodeNow through my high school and I talked to my dad about it. He has friends in the field, so he encouraged me to try it out.

Muvafika: I had made games on Scratch before but I had never done Ruby or anything like that. I was inspired to sign up because Marzuka had already been to the workshop. After CodeNow, I realized that there’s actually someone behind a website.

What have you been up to since the workshop?

Muvafika: Marzuka and I go to different schools so we each started a club at our schools. We also started Everyone CodeNow at the Fremont Public Library where we teach younger students (ages 9–12) the very basics of computer programming every Friday for about 1.5 hours.

Marzuka: Muvafika started coding earlier than me. She started in middle school, and we were able to see how big of an impact it has made. I wanted everyone to have access to coding. Also, I really wanted to keep learning code but there were no clubs at my school.

Why was it important that you start coding clubs within your communities?

Muvafika: I wanted to start a club to share my experience with my friends. Many of them didn’t even know about coding.

Marzuka: I started coding in October 2015, at the CodeNow workshop. CodeNow afforded me an opportunity to learn about computer programming. It inspired me to expand my knowledge and share what I have learned with other students. Since attending the workshop, I have started a coding club at my high school as well having established an organization with my sister that provides computer enrichment skills to elementary school students.

“I want to be able to express my creativity through code.”

What do you hope to accomplish through coding?

Marzuka: I want more people to be able to explore STEM fields. I want to help kids realize that there are opportunities out there, and I want to teach them.

Muvafika: Through coding, I can make art and blend my two interests. I want to be able to express my creativity through code.

Marzuka looks forward to studying computer science and electrical engineering after high school. She hopes to work in the tech industry and make an impact by encouraging more students to discover STEM.

Muvafika looks forward to a career in aeronautical sciences, while continuing to find ways where she can express her art through technology.

Interested in joining Marzuka and Muvafika? Their coding club meets every Friday at the Fremont Public Library!

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