We Did It! We Launched Our New Workshop!

Recapping our first workshop of 2017

We did it!

We launched our new workshop format! These past six years, we have taught over 2,000 students how to code through our 3-day workshops. In 2016, we decided to add a fourth day to the program so that we can introduce the fundamentals of product management — including design thinking and project scoping — to our students. Moreover, we have also expanded the program to encompass multiple levels so that students may continue to level up and explore the different facets of product development with us throughout their high school careers and beyond.

The Breakdown

Our aim for every workshop is to get as close to a 50/50 distribution of male-to-female students as possible. This workshop was no different, with 52% male and 48% females completing Level One of the workshop. While some of our students have had previous coding and/or design experience, many were first time coders. Over 80% of the students reported that they walked away knowing a lot more than they had prior to attending the workshop and every student said that they now either have a project that they would like to pursue or a problem that they would like to solve!

The Workshop Space

The space where we host the workshop is always important! For many students, this may very well be their first time in an office environment so being able to work out of an office such as Galvanize allows them to experience what being in a tech space is actually like. Some even find it motivational! We love seeing the surprise in students’ faces when they realize that offices can be fun and cool… especially when there’s a ping pong table! 😜🏓

What We Learned Over These Past Two Weekends

Teenagers have some of the best ideas. Once they realize that it is possible to make their ideas a reality, their motivation to produce becomes one that is intrinsic and long-lasting. As we onboard our students to the online portion of our program, we look forward to seeing their progression. Just like the human knot activity (left), leveling up may be difficult and chaotic. But we are confident that our students will follow their passions (whatever they may be) and persevere.

“Make it more than two weekends” — Kennan, 2017 CodeNow student

Offer nap times for people who are tired, get an arcade-type system or something, use more memes, etc. — Prescilla, 2017 CodeNow student