Code Ocean partners with HighWire and Silverchair, helping to improve reproducibility and reuse of code and data

When founding Code Ocean, we had a straightforward mission: make executable code more accessible and reproducible to help advance scientific research. A big part of making that vision a reality comes from integrations with publishing platforms like HighWire and Silverchair.

Simon Adar, Code Ocean’s CEO views these partnerships as having tremendous impact, giving all HighWire and Silverchair partner publishers the ability to embed executable code directly into scholarly articles, without a lengthy setup process. “Code Ocean will work with both publishers to develop a seamless process for all publishers on the HighWire and Silverchair platforms, big or small, to enable Code Ocean’s computational capability without the need for a lengthy setup process for each publisher.”

The partnership with HighWire now gives over 100 publishers and 500 journals access to the Code Ocean platform. Our technology exponentially increases the ability for researchers to share executable instances of their code and data alongside their published research.

Jim Longo, the Vice President of Product Leadership and Design at HighWire, adds, “We’ve long provided customizable solutions for our publishers and researchers around articles and supplementary content, but with Code Ocean’s technology we are taking a step further into the data. Publishers will be able to incorporate improved reproducibility across channels, even before content is published. This end-to-end solution is precisely why we chose Code Ocean, and we are very excited about the benefits of this new partnership.”

In addition, as a Silverchair Universe partner, Code Ocean is actively incorporated into the Silverchair Platform. Their widget may be easily embedded in the article page either in-line or using Silverchair’s split-screen functionality to display alongside the article text.

“Silverchair is actively engaged in developing the future of research, and the service Code Ocean provides is precisely that,” said Jake Zarnegar, Silverchair’s Chief Product Officer. “As evidenced by their receipt of the 2018 ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing last month, Code Ocean is at the forefront of scholarly technology, and we look forward to extending their offerings to Silverchair clients.”

Elizabeth Tobey is the Director of Marketing at Code Ocean. She loves cheese and tiny dachshunds. You can find her on Medium @dahanese