SAGE trials Code Ocean to improve research reproducibility

Code Ocean
Sep 18 · 2 min read

SAGE has recently begun a six month trial across a select number of journals of Code Ocean, an online computational platform that enables authors to publish and share the code associated with their research articles.

The partnership will allow SAGE authors who are submitting to the journals trialing Code Ocean to upload a working copy of their code after their research article is accepted for publication. Once an article’s code has been verified by Code Ocean to run and deliver results, it will be made public, receive a citable and permanent Digital Object Identifier (DOI), and be linked to the associated published journal article. This will allow users to access, download, and replicate the results described in the research.

Code has become a crucial part of the scientific publishing process by making it functional and constructive Sharing the code and data underlying research is an important step in demonstrating reproducibility and allows researchers to share a complete record alongside their published article. Code Ocean offers users access to reproducible code without the need to have any software beyond a web browser installed. Readers can modify code directly within Code Ocean to see how parameter changes, or new datasets, affect results.

A recently submitted compute capsule from a SAGE author. See the full capsule here.

SAGE publishes a large number of social science journals. With social scientists increasingly engaging with computational methods in their research this is a timely development for SAGE authors and readers alike. The pilot will kick off with the following journals:

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Code Ocean

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