What you can expect from the Code Ocean blog

Research often includes software code, statistical analysis and algorithms that are not included in traditional publishing. Code Ocean launched in February of 2017 with the mission to make scientific code more reusable, executable, and reproducible. We are excited to launch this blog to talk more about reproducibility (especially computational reproducibility), open science, and other topics that researchers and engineers encounter on a regular basis. Here is a brief glimpse of what you can expect:


We see a lot of incredible work shared/published using Code Ocean. Research that will have a strong impact on society and the progress of science. We want to explore the stories behind the work and behind the researchers.


As a crew of scientists and engineers, we know there are a lot of questions and not enough answers. We will focus on the headaches the plagued (or continue to plague) us and provide advice that we wish we had.

Company and product updates:

As we roll out new features or partner with a new institution, we’ll provide everything you need to know here.

We’re excited to expose more about the research, the people and the process that we experience on a regular basis. If you’re interested in contributing or being featured, give us a shout!

Originally published at codeocean.com.