5 Reasons why your Boss wants you to learn jQuery

jQuery is a very famous JavaScript library which you might have heard before. It helps in doing more work with less code. It was released in the year 2006 at New York city by John Resig.

Today, millions of web developers use it for creating high quality features. As quoted on official jQuery website, “it is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development.”

5 Reasons why your Boss want you to learn jQuery

The IT Industry today works very fast and wants fast coders to work on projects. The main focus remains on completing the projects before deadlines, at all cost. The project manager, who will also be your boss, would want you to learn jQuery at all cost. He has valid reasons for this, which are –

1. jQuery helps in finishing the Project on Time

jQuery, which is a JavaScript Library has built-in methods to do DOM Traversing, animation, AJAX interactions and event handling in just very few lines of codes. This simply means the number of codes lines in a project will drop drastically when using jQuery.

This is going to increase the productivity of developers who are working in the project and they are going to easily meet the project deadlines (which is the most feared thing during the life time of a project development).

2. Write Simple and Clean Codes

jQuery helps in writing codes that are simple and clean so web developers don’t have to spend hours and hours of their precious time in understanding the codes previously written by someone else.

The Boss will never want his team members to waste any of their time on things like this.

When a new developer joins a project, first he/she has to go through all these codes to understand what they do. With jQuery, the codes are simple and clean and this helps new developers to easily understand the codes and start making new codes the very next minute.

3. Decrease the Project Development Cost

jQuery will help your boss to finish the project much before the allocated time. This will bring down the project cost. The client is always happy to spend less on the projects and will give positive words to other clients too.

Certainly these things will also help the company to get more projects under their belly.

Today all “IT Enabled Service Companies” work on Pay per hour basis. Their charge varies from $10 to $50 per hours. If the project completes before the schedule, then the development hours will be reduces and so will be the project cost.

4. jQuery is in Great Demand

The great demand of jQuery could be seen from the fact, that the clients themselves tell the IT companies, to specifically use jQuery instead of JavaScript. Your boss certainly would never want to tell the clients that they do not work on jQuery.

Thus it is necessary that you should know jQuery as you will get the call from the boss anytime.

Remember — it is a known fact the developers cannot say no to the boss in any way. The word ‘no’ does not belong in the dictionary of developers.

5. Decrease the Hosting charges & Server Loads

jQuery helps in bringing down the Server Loads because the codes are less, the size of web pages are less, the AJAX requests are lightweight too.

All these factors decrease the Server Load enabling the company to bring down the hosting charges (hosting charges are directly proportional to Server Load).

Thus jQuery gives the company one more way to decrease its spending.


After reading this article you would have understood why it is utmost necessary to learn jQuery and make your boss happy with you coding tasks.

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