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Android Interview Questions: 2020

Compilation of some old and new Android Interview Questions

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For the longest time, I have made it a habit to attend quite a lot of interviews. One of the reasons being I was terrified of appearing for interviews at one point in time and I started to give interviews just to practice and get over the fear. The more interviews I gave the better I performed.

In this article, will be listing the most common interview questions I was asked recently in a couple of interviews by some big companies involving Android, Java and Kotlin. I will be adding more questions as and when I come across.

  1. What is a Manifest File and what it’s uses?
  2. Describe the Activity and Fragment lifecycle.
  3. What are Android Permissions? Can you use permissions without asking the user?
  4. What is a Service?
  5. On which default process does the app run?
  6. How do you communicate between components in two different processes?
  7. Which thread does a service run on what how to avoid ANRs involving the same?
  8. What are receivers and types?
  9. What is an ANR? What is the minimum threshold time for an ANR to occur.
  10. What happens during configuration changes?
  11. What are equals and hashcode methods and how are they related?
  12. What are the different methods of data persistence in Android?
  13. What is the difference between MVP and MVVM?
  14. What is Dependency Injection and how is Dagger used for DI?
  15. What thread is UI updated in Android?
  16. What is a Render Thread?
  17. What is ART and why do you need it?
  18. What is progaurd and what is its use?
  19. Why do you need to shrink the apk?
  20. What is the acronym of ‘apk’?
  21. How does Gradle build work?
  22. What happens when you click on the launch icon of an app?
  23. What are some latest updates with Android 10 or 11?
  24. What is an Intent? Describe types of intents.
  25. What happens when there is no external app capable of opening an Intent?
  26. What is a PendingIntent?
  27. What is a memory leak and how to avoid them?
  28. Benefits of using a Constraint Layout?
  29. List the differences between proguard and R8.
  30. What is a singleton and what are their effects while using multi-threading?


  1. What are the key features of Kotlin programming language?
  2. What is the difference between object and class?
  3. What is a data class?
  4. What are the underlying overridden functions in a data class?
  5. What is a sealed class and why is it used?
  6. What is the difference between var and val?
  7. What is the difference between lazy and lateinit?
  8. What are coroutines?
  9. List and describe the visibility modifiers.
  10. What are extension functions and which SOLID principle do they use?
  11. What are companion objects and what is their Java equivalent?
  12. How to ensure nullability in Kotlin?
  13. What is init block in Kotlin?
  14. List the different types of functions.
  15. What is the difference between inline and infix functions?

Please leave a comment if you have something to add.



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