Optimize your business with Custom Software

Do you hate your legacy software? Is doing something as simple as recording a business expense or planning a meeting an absolute nightmare due to outdated software and tools? These sort of problems can turn even the most enjoyable line of work into a chore. At Coder Inc. we believe in the power of custom applications to revolutionize the workplace. After all, we’ve been a part of that transformation time and time again. Check out some of the benefits custom applications can pose to your business, and give us a call today to get started with Coder Inc.:

Simplify Payroll

Does your startup need a streamlined, organized and easy to use payroll interface, but lack te overhead capital to buy one outright so soon after launch? Hey, we’ve all been there. The good news is that it may actually be cheaper to have your own proprietary application built than to buy more widely marketed software. Get in touch with us and let us help!

Monitor Travel Expenses

if you’ve ever stumbled out of O’hare and into the winter breeze only to realize you left your pile of crumpled “business” receipts at one of the airport bars between here and the west coast, then you know how frustrating calculating and monitoring travel expenses for work can be. Luckily, relatively simple to build applications can greatly reduce the stress of this process for you. What’s more, not having to focus on keeping track of business or travel expenses will free you up to take care of your primary objective on the road.

Reward Employees

Creating a custom application to allow your employees to showcase their professional or personal accomplishments is a great way to boost company morale. Incorporating a rewards system into that application, however, takes things to a whole different level. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to get things going in the workplace.

Hey, there’s an app for that. Or, at least there could be. Contact Coder Inc. today.

Originally published at Coder Inc. | Venture Development.