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I have moved over to Svbtle

While Medium’s WYSIWYG editor is rather nice, it just isn’t designed for code samples (e.g. there is…

The key challenges in designing a programming language

or “Why there is no (and never will be) a perfect programming language”

Taking the Time to Re-evaluate Assumptions

Or “Hey, I have enough storage to use FLAC files!”

Up until today I never really thought about using FLAC for my personal audio files.

Yes, I still own and buy digital music (Andrea is the one with the Rdio account). I like supporting artists I like. Plus I’m one of those people who will create a…

Offline JavaScript Testing

Or “How I tested my file://localhost web app”

As the creator of Oplop and maintainer of its primary implementation in HTML + JavaScript, I feel an obligation to not break anything. If I screw up then someone ends up with an incorrect account password or can’t them when they need to. Me screwing up is a bad thing.

Why I will never fit in amongst C++ programmers

Or “Why I don’t give a crap about your types and neither should you”

I have been actively programming in Python for nearly 13 years, ten of which have been spent as a core developer of the language itself. You could say I have an opinion when it comes to programming languages. That I have taken sides. That I…

Writing a Zip File Importer: The Path Hook

Part 1

There are essentially three parts to any importer in Python 3:

  1. The path hook
  2. The finder (meta or path entry)
  3. The loader

In three posts I hope to write about the creation of each needed class in order to come up with a new zip-based importer to…

Writing a Zip File Importer: The Finder

Part 2

When writing a finder like importlib.machinery.FileFinder it’s all about working with the storage mechanism you are trying to support. In this instance it’s making sure that the paths the finder is meant to work with are serviceable and being able to check if certain files exist.

Writing a Zip File Importer: The Loader

Part 3

For a zip file-based loader, luckily there is not much heavy lifting. Working with the finder led to the realization that zip files use / while users use whatever the hell they want for a path separator. With that path-managing code already dealt with, that leaves just implementing the ABC. That…

Coder Who Says Py
Coder Who Says Py

Technical posts by Brett Cannon

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