50 resources to help you start learning JavaScript in 2017

Over the last few years JavaScript has been surging in popularity as the language itself is growing, a majority of coding bootcamps teach the language to beginners, and the community is thriving.

If you are hoping to learn to code in 2017, become a front-end/full-stack/web/software developer, join a coding bootcamp, start building your own websites, or just want to learn more about JavaScript, hopefully the list of resources below helps you achieve your goals!

Online Courses

  1. JavaScript Course on Codecademy
  2. Frontend Masters Courses
  3. Udacity course on JavaScript courses
  4. edX course on HTML and JavaScript
  5. Learn JavaScript in One Week Course on Coderbyte
  6. Learn to code on FreeCodeCamp
  7. JavaScript Course by Code School
  8. JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts
  9. The Odin Project
  10. JavaScript For Cats
  11. Learn JavaScript with Eric Elliott
  12. Treehouse JavaScript Courses
  13. Egghead.io Courses
  14. General Assembly JavaScript Online Course
  15. Learn web development by MDN


  1. Learn JavaScript essentials article by Eric Elliott
  2. MVC and the DOM
  3. Want to learn JavaScript?
  4. Scotch.io Tutorials
  5. JavaScript Scene Publication on Medium
  6. Interview Questions for front-end developers
  7. 16 JavaScript Concepts JavaScript Professionals Must Know Well


  1. You Don’t Know JS (book series)
  2. Eloquent JavaScript Online
  3. JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford
  4. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan
  5. JavaScript Enlightenment

Advanced Topics

  1. How Browsers Work: Behind the scenes of modern web browsers
  2. Learning Advanced JavaScript by John Resig
  3. JavaScript Advanced Tutorial by HTML Dog
  4. WebGL Fundamentals
  5. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns by Addy Osmani
  6. Intro to Computer Science in JavaScript
  7. Immutable data structures for JavaScript


  1. Introduction to React video
  2. React Interview Questions
  3. JavaScript Promises: A Tutorial with Examples
  4. Khan Academy: Making webpages interactive with jQuery
  5. A Beginner’s Guide To Grunt: Build Tool for JavaScript
  6. Getting Started with Underscore.js
  7. jQuery Course by Code School
  8. Thinkster.io Courses on React and Angular
  9. The Languages And Frameworks You Should Learn In 2016
  10. ES6 Tools List on GitHub
  11. Getting Started with Redux

Server-side JavaScript

  1. Real-time Web with Node.js Course by Code School
  2. NodeSchool Course
  3. Node.js First Look on Lynda
  4. All about NodeJS Course on Udemy
  5. Server-side Development with NodeJS Course on Coursera