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A Complete Guide On How To Start Preparing Yourself For Consultancy/Big 4

Hello Readers,

I have created this article for the students who are looking to get into various consultancy companies involving big 4 through their campus placements or off-campus placement for internships or full-time offers. In my previous article Here I have discussed how to start coding for placement preparation and today I will be sharing my learning with you all about how to prepare for getting into consultancy or any of the Big 4 companies involving Pwc, Deloitte, KPMG, and EY.

During my preparation for campus placement in my college, I got a chance to either prepare for consultancy companies or prepare for product/software companies, however in my pre-final year while I was searching for my internships I went on preparing for software/product companies and startups and got a good grip into the fundamentals of computer science but had no knowledge of how to prepare for consultancy companies.

Although I have not been placed in any of these companies taking the feedback from my friends and seniors I have written this post, special thanks to Yatharth for guiding me through the Deloitte Interview Process and recommending me websites and topics in GD/JAM for preparation, which I have shared here as well!.

I also approached my seniors and my friends from BTech branches who had secured an offer with consultancy companies or Big 4 to exactly know how one could prepare for getting an internship/job at these firms and so, I would like to share my learnings and how I prepared for these companies during my campus placement.

Particularly for my branch at my college, we are mostly allowed to sit for consultancy companies than product/software ones so, I was bound to prepare for these companies, and since I had done coding before and had a decent knowledge of it, honestly speaking I was not so interested in solving aptitude questions. However, I was also a bit nervous and unsure about how to start, and also I had less time with me to prepare and get ready completely for the interview!

So, here is how I started to prepare for it:

STEP 1: Know the basics of Math and Problem Solving

The first process/round of consultancy companies or Big 4 is the aptitude test round which is designed in such a way to test the following very important skills in a candidate:

  1. Logical thinking skills
  2. Fast calculation skills
  3. Decision-making skills
  4. Critical thinking skills

this round mainly consists of the following sections based on the company’s interest and recruitment process which are:

  1. Quantitative aptitude: In this section, you will be asked MCQ from most of the topics covered in high school along with some advanced topics. The various topics from which questions may be asked are Number system, Averages, Ratio and Proportion, Percentages, Time and distance, Mixture and allegation, permutation and combination, probability, geometry, and algebra. Make sure you avoid any unnecessary calculations mistake in this section which I did!
  2. Logical Reasoning: This section is asked to test your logical and analytical ability. The questions are generally asked from Coding-Decoding, Series, Puzzles, Cause and effect, Direction, and Ranking.
  3. Verbal Reasoning: This area tests your reading ability and level of Grammar. The type of questions that may be asked in the verbal ability section includes Spotting Errors, Sentence Improvements, Para- Jumbled, Reading Comprehension, idioms, and phrases, letter writing, essay writing.
  4. Data Interpretation: In the section of Data Interpretation and Sufficiency, Data is presented in the form of a Table chart, bar graph, line graph, etc. You have to go through the questions given below and solve the question by interpreting the data. Make sure you avoid any unnecessary calculations mistake in this section.

companies like Pwc focuses more on the Data Interpretation section, however, all the above three sections are asked almost all the consultancy and Big 4 companies in one or the other form and are very important in judging your analytics and interpretation skills.

For solving aptitude questions and taking this into concern that you have less time with you which is hardly 2–4 weeks then you may refer these websites and practice the questions taking a strict time constraint, however, these website contains online mock tests and will help you for last moment practice as they have a very good collection of aptitude questions:

  1. IndiaBix: This has a good collection of online mock tests on aptitude, technical and programming languages
  2. Hitbullseye: This contains a good collection of online tests and also tells you overall score and percentile as compared to other students across the country who have given that particular test
  3. It also contains various good sets of questions and online tests

You may also go through various other websites as well but first completely solve the first two and the third one can be done periodically to just revise out the concepts.

And suppose if you have sufficient time in your hand say around 2–3 months then, you may start practicing questions from the books mentioned below:

  1. Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude: Download Here
  2. Arun Sharma Data Interpretation And Logical Reasoning: Download Here

Important: For solving aptitude questions easily please go for the short tricks and formulas to avoid wastage of time during the test, as many questions are directly formulae based.

Explore this website Here to get short tricks to solve the questions and save your time

STEP 2: Be a good and confident communicator

Consultancy/Big 4 companies are more focused on looking for a candidate who has good communication skills as these companies mainly recruit for the roles involving business analyst, technical consultant and many other roles which require good communication skills as you will be asked to communicate with the client to solve various business problems and interact with many people in order to work for the company and so these companies need candidates with good communicating as well as those who are good in analytical and have good problem-solving skills.

For getting good at communication skills you need to practice how to speak fluent English and understand on how to express yourself for that I would suggest you a very popular method which is to practice a speech every day in front of a mirror and talk to yourself. Also, since this year’s placement is going virtual and so you may also add some of your friends into a google meet and practice to communicate with each other in English. Practice in such a manner that you are giving an interview.

There are basically any one of the two rounds mentioned below which are held after you qualify the Aptitude Round where companies judge a candidate’s speaking skills:

  1. Group Discussion Round: After you clear the first round companies usually take a GD round where the recruiting team to evaluate certain personality traits like confidence, communicating with the team, participation, ability to present one’s views in a clear and concise manner, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, etc. In the GD round, there are a Minimum of 5 And a Maximum of 10 candidates, and the topic of the discussion is generally related to Current Topics, hypothetical situations, problematic situations, abstract topics, etc. For topics refer Here
  2. Just A Minute Round (JAM): In this round, each of the selected candidates in this round, is given separate topics, chosen by a chit-picking system. The candidates are given a minute to prepare for the topic and are supposed to speak on the topic for a minute. This round is very common in the Deloitte interview process and you can find some of the frequently asked JAM topics Here. You can find more topics in the screenshot below:

The above topics are more than sufficient for JAM Round.

STEP 3: Be good at Puzzles and Logical Thinking

Consultancy and the Big 4 companies usually test the thinking and problem-solving skills of a candidate and so, you need to be sharp at not only your problem-solving skills but also your thinking skills which involve solving some random puzzles or giving a solution based on a certain situation. For referring to some interesting puzzles you may refer to Here.

These puzzles may be sufficient to build up your thinking and problem-solving skills and help you to excel in the interviews.

Step 4: Have a good knowledge of Technical skills and Nail the HR interview

This is the final interview round where you will be judged on technical skills based on your resume so, make sure you prepare your resume clear and short, try to make a resume of 1 page which is sufficient rather don’t make it too long and don’t brag your skills there. As this round is completely resume based and you will be asked all the questions based on the skills which you mention in your resume.

For the HR Round, the candidate is assessed for his communication, attitude, confidence, flexibility, enthusiasm, behavior skills, etc. It is advised that you should be confident but not overconfident in this round of the recruitment process. You should be honest and polite in answering the questions.

Now, I believe you are good to go to apply for internships/entry-level jobs and if you have followed the steps honestly you would definitely secure a good offer at big consultancy firms.

At last stay motivated, work hard, and have patience! because good things take some time to happen!

I hope you would like it, I would be sharing more such articles to share my learnings and experiences!

Till then follow me on medium Here and give this post a clap if you liked it! Thanks!



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