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My Internship Experience at Amaha

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” — Oprah Winfrey.

These lines are rightly said by Oprah Winfrey, we should always focus on what we want to do and not what others want us to do. Taking my passion with me, I joined an exciting group of people at Amaha which proved to be a great learning experience in my life.

Amaha is a healthcare technology start-up looking to disrupt psychological wellness/mental health provision in Mumbai that helps people from around the world to tackle their stress and mental depression through personalised and goal-driven tasks designed especially for the user according to his preference and priorities. I interned at Amaha during my first semester of Masters, from December 2019 to January of 2020. This is a summary of my internship experience!

How did you end up at Amaha?

My area of interest lies primarily in software development, algorithm designing, algorithm optimisation analysis, and website development. For my fourth semester of college, I had an opportunity to take up a learning project on ‘ android application development’ at Eduquity Career Technologies, Bengaluru. But I was keener on working with a company in a real-time project and gaining hands-on work experience. As the learning was new and interesting to me, I saw myself interested in software development, algorithms analysis, and designing stuff, I was looking for opportunities to work on HealthTech in India. I discovered Amaha, a HealthTech startup in Mumbai on Linkedin, through a simple conversation with Amit Sir (CEO of Amaha). I was able to express my eagerness and interest in working at Amaha and to give my best. He told me to forward my resume and referred me to Chaithanya Sir (CTO of Amaha). I then appeared for a telephonic interview with Chaithanya Sir where he asked me things related to my resume along with how proficient I was in javascript, data structures and algorithms, and also my projects and area of interest. He then gave me the assignment to complete within two days. The assignment was mainly related to javascript and algorithmic questions on them and concepts of data structures as well. After submitting my assignment he asked me to make the code live!. After the completion of my interview, I was selected to intern with them for one month during my winter semester break!

Describe your internship experience in 3 words!

Challenging! Fun! and Exciting!!!!

What was your favourite project to work on?

I loved working on algorithm optimisation, its design process, and its implementation in the codebase, used by the android and ios mobile applications and the website as well, I was given to work on the latest frameworks on backend development such as Typescript, MongoDB, and Firebase as a backend database I was also given a chance to work on an entirely new scripting language for me i.e. Ruby where I was responsible for creating an automation testing script for the testing team, I struggled a few days to research in this language before I could create it, but hopefully, I was quick at this. While working at Amaha I believe it was very useful for users to understand their mental health issues and their priorities about how they feel and what measures they have to take to keep their minds healthy and strong and free from any kind of mental issues.

The algorithm worked in the manner that takes inputs through a number of questions and assessments given to the user related to the issues they are facing in their day to day life and returns a personalised set of tasks and daily goals along with the weekly assessment, based on their scores on the questions and assessments given to them to understand what their present state of mind is and what problems they are suffering from. For example, if a user is suffering from depression, he is given some happiness task to complete or a personalised set of tasks that involves breathing exercises, yoga daily workouts, etc. I was given full responsibility for research, coding, validation, and testing the algorithm and enjoyed iterating on it with constructive feedback from my colleagues and my mentor Chaithanya Sir.

What’s a typical day like as an Amaha intern?

We have a daily stand-up meeting at around 11 am where each person describes what they worked on the previous day as well as what they’re taking up next. When working on something new, I would spend some time on background research and discuss ideas and approaches with the team. Otherwise, I spent most of my day coding and drinking coffee 😛. After developing or changing a module, or fixing bugs in existing code, I would submit a code review where Chaithanya Sir would go through and suggest areas for improvement. When I got a ‘ship it’ after making changes suggested in the reviews, I would push the code to the master branch for deployment.

Describe your mentorship experience!

The people at Amaha were very supportive and helpful. They always encouraged me to take full responsibility for my projects and try out new things. This way, I was able to do my own research and find solutions to problems; it was a great learning experience with the amazing team.

What was the most exciting thing at the office?

We had a weekly dessert Friday 😋 where each one of the members from all the teams was allowed to order his/her favourite dessert and the entire team would then play games or discuss a common topic and enjoy the meal together. What made it especially fun was that I got a chance to interact with each of the members from different teams and take a common part in playing games. This made it fun for the entire team and everyone loved participating in it! We also had a weekly ‘game lunch’ where we’d order lunch to the office and play games.

Also during Christmas, the entire team took part in decorating the workplace with full enthusiasm, everyone also took part in the event called “Secret Santa” where everyone was supposed to give a surprise to one of the fellow colleagues whose name came in the chit we picked up and guess what I got the name of Amit Sir, our CEO 😅, I was a bit nervous but I managed to give him a good Christmas surprise, hope he liked it 😄. I also got an unexpected surprise from Karan, it was amazing and I really liked it 🧡. It was a great day. We played a lot of games and enjoyed the day.

We also went partying at The Irish House. It was a great day, I still remember how everyone enjoyed the evening, it was my first ever experience with an amazing team at Amaha, I never expected I would enjoy a lot there, was rather expecting a hectic day and lots of work 😛.

What was the thing that most surprised you?

The amount of freedom and responsibility I was given — I was in charge of developing and implementing new ideas on the project that the team decided to work on, adding new features and developing new and optimised algorithms from start to finish, and was free to try out different approaches. I learned a lot this way as I was allowed to work on new scripting and framework languages. The best part was that I was allowed to make and learn from my mistakes and also find different solutions to problems. New ideas are always encouraged and there are no restrictions on experimenting with new approaches, which I loved the most, and apart from all these the thing which I also loved was, their main priority for customer satisfaction.

What skills did you develop during your internship?

I learned a lot of new languages and frameworks, like Ruby scripting and Typescript as a backend and frontend language. Apart from these I also got my skills revised on various tech stacks of which I already knew the basics such as MongoDB and Google Firebase as databases. I really value the hands-on experience I got with the latest software and learned the importance of code quality along with its features such as modularity and how to maintain clean and scalable code so, that when in future if you add any other modules or features to the product you don’t need to change the entire architecture of your previous production code. I also learned a detailed working flow of the software development life cycle. Apart from these things, I also learned to work in a team. From this internship, I feel I have definitely broken out of my shell and started communicating better.

How’s the work culture at Amaha?

The work culture is informal and friendly. There was always a positive atmosphere and an optimistic outlook on things. Everyone on the team was helpful and I never felt burned out because of the work. We also played many games apart from our busy schedules where everyone took equal participation and enjoyed their free time at the office.

What did you like about the office?

There was a great collection of books in Amit Sir’s chamber, ranging from topics on computer science and data to startups and entrepreneurs. I enjoyed reading those books in my free time. My favourites were Start-up Sutra and Rich Dad Poor Dad. Apart from the amazing collection of books, I also made many new friends there. Everyone was very helpful and took their work seriously and everyone ensured that the work rolled on smoothly and on time, we also enjoyed a lot after our office hours. The team was very cool!!, along with a learning environment, where the role was not limited but was diversified.

What was the best thing about working at Amaha?

Working at a startup definitely has its perks. You can see your code goes into production and the positive effect it has on both students and the company. I felt really happy when my projects were integrated into their products!! and could call me a developer 😎🙊. I was also given a very warm farewell by the team on my last day at the office. I really enjoyed working at Amaha, Hope to work with the team in the future.

Overall it was an amazing journey in my life as an intern, where I learned lots of things and also made many friends 🧡.



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