The 5 Best Platforms for Screening & Recruiting Programmers

Companies are constantly on the lookout for great programmers to join their engineering teams. Once a company has found someone who does seem like a potential good candidate, they need some way of efficiently testing their coding abilities. Below are a few platforms that provide features that can help assess, recruit, and interview candidates easily.

1. CoderPad

CoderPad has some great reviews about its product, both on the company and programmer sides. They allow employers to share programming challenges with candidates which they then solve online in an editor.

There was also a nice interview on Indie Hackers with the founder of CoderPad on how he created it and how some of the technology behind the service works. Companies like Mixpanel and Yelp use CoderPad.

Pricing ranges from $50/month to $750/month.

2. Coderbyte

Coderbyte offers simple service that allows companies to invite candidates and assess their skills with coding challenges that they solve in an online editor. Companies select from 300+ challenges, then invite users to their group and have them solve those challenges where they can then see their results.

There are currently 200+ organizations that recommend Coderbyte to their students/employees or are using it as part of their recruitment/screening process.

Pricing ranges from $100/month to $250/month.

3. HackerRank

HackerRank is built to be a platform to support your entire technical recruiting funnel. They offer services for sourcing candidates, making sure they are qualified (resumes, referrals, etc.), and then finally candidates can solve some coding challenges.

You have the ability to select a challenge that HackerRank created or write your own. Then once candidates come and solve the challenges you are able to review their results and see key insights. They have hundreds of customers using their platform.

For pricing information you need to contact their sales department.

4. Codility

Codility is similar to HackerRank in the sense that they want to support a companies entire technical recruitment process. They offer services for sourcing candidates, assessing them, and finally interviewing them via collaborative coding challenges.

Here is a good explanation on Quora about the pros and cons of Codility when compared to HackerRank.

Pricing starts from $6,000/yearly.

5. CodeFights

CodeFights provides services for sourcing, creating coding tests, and interviewing candidates. They provide a similar service to HackerRank where they try and aid companies through their complete recruitment process. They provide companies with a dedicated account manager and have several other interesting features part of their product.

CodeFights is focusing on having companies hire engineers based on their coding skills rather than their resumes.

Pricing starts from $5,000/yearly.