August 2, 2015

CoderDojo Coimbatore - Session III (Batch 1)

Computer Hardware and Advance HTML

This is our third session of CoderDojo to our 1st batch kids. We have planned to add a mix to this session. This time we introduced basic computer hardware and Internet + HTML.

CoderDojo Coimbatore’s seamless and interactive training workshops are based on our rigorous professional level volunteer training, using training platforms like Cyber-Dojo, Mozilla Web-maker, ACM Resources and CoderDojo Resources. Hence we ensure the event is useful for children and volunteers as well.

Session III, August 2, 2015

As per our wish to make a difference. We started!

We were lucky, Partha sir from KGfSL was available and he took interest in mentoring our event. He was very happy in teaching and helping kids to make their own webpage filled with their favorite content. The Kids were very enthusiastic in filling their loving stuff in webpage.

Surprisingly kids did it in less than an hour! They remembers the syntax and procedures taught from our past session, with less support from our volunteers they could make it out.

Friendship day Celebration @ CoderDojo Coimbatore :-D

It was an unexpected celebration. Kids brought Friendship bands to the event and tied it their friends. August 2, Kids at our event shared their affection to friends.

Jane and Jermi(from left)Sharing their friendship bands!

Introduction to Hardware

After a small break, we were to introduce them with computer hardware components. We used Raspberry Pi kit for introducing hardware. Sriram from II year CSE was responsible for hardware training, and he made it out well. Kids were taught on assembling a basic computer, i.e. Raspberry Pi Kit. Also they learned to load a lite operating system that came with the hardware kit. And the OS had some pre — loaded games like Scratch, kids enjoyed playing with them.

Teaching the Web

What is web? We explained kids.

How it works? We made them understand.

They showed less curiosity to understand, due to age variance among our participants, and we left them and moved on to HTML + Internet via HTML games.

Games brought them back the curiosity and enthusiasm, however we finally did our job!

Our upcoming Plan

In our Upcoming session, 11th grade Students from schools in Coimbatore and Computer Engineering Students from KiTE, will join CoderDojo.

Kid + 11th Grader + Computer Engineering Student will team up, and make for collaborative learning.

Keep Supporting us!

CoderDojo Team, Thanks for you cooperative Team Work!
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Pictures @ CoderDojo Coimbatore:

Richie playing with a virtual keyboard

Jane on a Mission critical Thinking :-D

Exhausted Richie after an hour of coding practice. :-)

Gamer on Board! Roysten loves playing games.

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