Our first Dojo at Coimbatore

June 27, 2015 — Saturday

After immense planning and preparation, we as a team were excited to launch Coder Dojo in Coimbatore. As soon as we were prepared we opened our registration for Dojo, we were excited and happy to see a large group of students show interest to join Dojo.

Event Launch!

“THE FIRST DOJO” at KGISL Campus Coimbatore

Picture - (from Left) Mr. Ashok Bakthavathsalam (Managing Director, KGISL Group of Companies) and Sudharsan Rajendran (Founding Patron, CDC Coimbatore).

The first Dojo was launched on 27th of June 2015 by our managing director Mr. Ashok Bakthavathsalam at KGISL- KITE (KGISL Institute of Technology) located in KGISL campus.

CoderDojo Club Coimbatore Inauguration

Picture — Mrs. Lanitha.B (Head of Department CSE, KITE) Ingratiating CDC Kovai.

We would like to thank KGISL Institute of Technology and the Computer Science Department for providing us with the venue for CoderDojo Coimbatore.

Our team was composed of highly co-operative and hardworking members who helped make this event come to pass. They also prepared the materials and found many tools that were used for Dojo, which in turn aided to create interest in the students towards computing.

We are ready set now!

On Saturday Morning, around 8:30 am, our team awaited the arrival of the students, I was also excited to see all them and we all had an ultimate goal to invoke interest in the students towards computers.

The students then started entering our event venue, with curiosity to learn new things. We allocated separate computers to work on.

We started with an introduction to computers, and our volunteers taught the students the basic computing operations and encouraged them to do some practical computing like creating presentations, documenting, painting online and more . . .

Nowadays kids are really smart, they grasp things faster!

We call it “The Graphical Saturday!”

As our first attendees were kids, we planned to provide learning with animation, because kids love animation.

The kids at our event were very enthusiastic to learn with animation, we introduced the concepts to them through animation. We had arranged for resources that provide programming concepts using games. As kids love playing games, our different approach of typing a few lines of codes through gaming was really successful.

Parents joined in with our team and got interest to learn and teach about computers through our way. Altogether, parents learning about computers along with their children were so much fun.

The kids were very cute! And our volunteers enjoyed very much in teaching them about computers through game based learning.

Our Volunteers we very kind and gave individual attention and care to each and every kid at our event.

“Using a computer is Just like driving a Bicycle” — we said to Kids

Showcase time!

This was a special moment for us, as the kids brought their creations and showed them with pride and joy. The kids were very creative and talented.

Picture — Jane with her painting

The world is fast moving and highly competitive, given such a scenario the kids have to explore all their talents and so a part of the event was dedicated to “Special Talents” such as painting, singing, playing musical instruments and many more.

Picture — Jermi Sharon with her painting

Picture — Haashini show us her talent in singing

Its Lunch time!!

Thanks to KGISL Institute of Technology, who supported us and provided us with a good lunch.

The most Happiest and Fun Filled Saturday

We all experienced the happiest environment, “Being surrounded by small children”. We all felt really happy to have spent a day of learning and fun with kids.

Thanks to our CoderDojo Coimbatore team, With your support the event was a success
Thanks to KGISL campus, for supporting our CoderDojo Coimbatore event And we would love to share our success with all our KGISL team members.
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