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Some Extensions Makes My Life Easier

Little things I know, hope to help everyone. I myself am the one who likes to find this and that tool to make life easier, especially in the search for apps or extensions … things related to technology. These are extensions I carefully filtered from the whole Store, so everyone can feel secure to use. The number of extensions I use is quite a lot, so I just briefly outline the ones I use most and like best, the rest I will gather into a list to be at the end of the lesson.
I use Chrome web browser so the extensions are from the Chrome Store. I tried many web browsers before, but I still came back to Chrome later.

  1. Wisesub — Subtitles translation
    This is an extension that has changed my life of learning English, it allows to translate each word, translate the whole sentence, turn on English-Vietnamese bilingual subtitles directly on the sub of Youtube and Netflix But the former is free, but now is a premium, a little sorry sir). Since I have had it, I really like watching Youtube, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening have increased a lot. I highly recommend everyone try it out.
  2. Ddict Translate: Translator — Dictionary
    Help people translate text directly on the web, I used to use Google Translate, Mate … and a few others but I still like this extension the most because I find it simple, easy to use, fast and translate. very smooth. If you want to translate English and English, you can refer to the Oxford extension: Oxford Dictionary Lookup
  3. DF Tube (Distraction Free for YouTube ™)
    For those who are often distracted by the suggested videos below or on the youtube videos like you, this will get rid of those depending on each person’s choice.
  4. Fika — Reader mode
    Have people ever been blinded by images, banners full on the web every time I read an article on the web yet, if yes then use this? All unnecessary information will be flown away in less than 1s :))) In addition, there are also important items for everyone to follow the article more.
  5. Print-friendly & PDF
    I often search Google for documents and whenever I see something I need, I want to print it out because of unnecessary information on the website. With this, people can delete all unnecessary information and can change the font size and line spacing to produce the best quality print.
  6. CrxMouse Chrome ™ Gestures
    This can save a ton of time for each person’s life. Sort of it helps us do the time-consuming tasks such as reloading the page, going to the previous page, moving back to the next page, closing Chrome blah blah … just by simple right mouse gestures. I don’t know what to say but everyone must try it :))) Like it. At first, it may not be familiar, but at most, it only takes a week for people to use oke and even be addicted to it like I am addicted to it now.
  7. Marinara: Assistant Pomodoro®
    This is an extension to help me learn the Pomodoro method better and more effectively. For those who have never heard of the Pomodoro method, read this link:
  8. Stream video downloader
    This is for downloading copyrighted videos, such as Hocmai’s online learning videos, not that I intended to steal or something evil, I am currently learning online at Hocmai, and I usually watch videos at night. , but at night, the number of learners is high so the web is very laggy, so I usually download videos for studying at night. Hope everyone will use this extension for good purposes like me: 3
  9. Tab Resize — split-screen layouts
    This can be opened simultaneously with 2 tabs, 3 tabs or 4 tabs, very convenient for multitasking. I often put one side is the Quizlet website, the other is the vocabulary website to enter and re-enter less time.

Some of the other extensions I like but too long, so I summarized below:

10. AdGuard AdBlocker: Block ads, increase security when surfing the web, block malware

11. Click & Clean: Clear junk at a glance, regular Chrome security reminder, Chrome browser update reminder

12. Extensity: Disable the extension directly on the extension if it feels too distracting because of many extensions (eg em :))))

13. Multi Session Box — Multi login any website: Allow to log in multiple accounts at the same time without logging out again

14. Video Speed ​​Controller: Adjust the speed of videos in websites that do not have this function

15. Bitwarden: This helps me save passwords, create a strong pass, auto-fill pass extremely time-consuming, from the date of having it I don’t need to remember my password anymore. I used to use Lastpass, 1pass, Dashlane,. But I like this one best because of its security and especially open-source.

16. Multiple Tools for Facebook: 7749 essential tools for Facebook, not very expensive to use: (((

17. Translate Man Plus: Translate text right on the image, extremely convenient for learning English

18. Volume Control — Volume control: Boost sound up to 500%

19. Weava Highlighter — PDF & Web: Allows highlighting on web and PDF

Above is the dew of the extensions I’m using every day. Hoping to make everyone’s lifeless time-consuming. Thank you, everyone, for reading my article!



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