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Why is WinForm still not dead? — Should we learn WinForm?

Is WinForms dead?

WinForm is a Microsoft technology that allows programming Windows applications. Thanks to the utility, easy code, simple drag, and drop design interface, … Win Form has been used to develop many applications. Because of its high age (born in 2003), WinForm was officially declared dead by Microsoft in 2014. However, Win Form is still alive and well.
Why so? Try reading the article to know.

WinForm, childhood friend — simple but effective

Most C # programmers. NET always learn/use Win Form. When I was in old university, I was first exposed to the C # language in my second year, a few days later, it was WinForm. Actually, I was impressed when I first contacted WinForm: Easy-to-use drag and drop interface; Attaching events for buttons only need to double click, re-support the event like click, hover, …; Writing code is also extremely intuitive: from taking text from TextBox to displaying data using MessageBox, or using Grid to connect SQL. That is one of the reasons it is preferred by schools/students: WinForm is easy to learn and easy to teach.

Easy to code, just drag and drop, there are many components available, WinForm is very suitable for making management software, cash register, statistics …. This is also the type of application that small and medium enterprises/companies need. In addition, just using components like Telerik UI or DevExpress, WinForm can create modern, dreamlike, long-lasting interfaces. flowery flax.

With these advantages, WinForm still lives well and lives well. However, if anyone asks me: Should I learn and focus on WinForm? My answer will be: Learning to know is okay, not focusing on effort and time on it.
Why? Read the following.

Don’t invest too much time/effort into WinForm

WinForm has been declared dead by Microsoft, so it will probably be as deadly as VB6. Currently, the number of companies that recruit WinForm is not much. If the company requires WinForm knowledge, you will probably have to maintain one (or many) old WinForm projects. Surely, don’t you want to do boring maintenance work this day or something?

WPF is the junior of Win Form, in order to inherit Win Form. WPF uses XAML language to make the interface quite flexible: support animation, create a control, … much better than WinForm. Microsoft also wants to guide developers to use WPF to replace WinForm, many projects are also migrating from WinForms to WPF.

Recalling my advice about WinForm: Can try to familiar with it, try to master the concepts: Event, Control, Component, … because they are quite useful. However, do not study too deeply about it, there are many things worth learning much more. For WPF, it should be tried, in WPF there are some very good concepts: MVVM, data-binding model, … these concepts are quite useful when you later learn AngularJS / other javascript frameworks. The knowledge of XAML gained when learning WFP will help you when you want to practice writing applications for Windows Phone.

What about WebForm?

Referring to WinForm also have to talk a bit about WebForm. Since the introduction of ASP.NET MVC, WebForm seems to be disgraced. People criticized it slowly, heavily (viewstate), who said it was difficult to integrate Ajax, difficult to manage HTML. It is not wrong to say that, but it is quite depressing for WebForm. It was created so that programmers can write Web applications quickly and easily, just drag and drop components like WinForm, no need to learn everything about Web such as Response, Request, Query String, Params,….

Many people assume that WebForm will also die, and ASP.NET MVC will completely replace it. In my personal opinion, WebForm will still live well, live well, because there are countless applications built on it, as well as countless experienced WebForm programmers. One thing will not die until it is still useful.

However, if you have to choose between WebForm and ASP.NET MVC, I recommend you learn MVC. Currently, HR recruitment companies C # .NET require knowledge of MVC. Maybe 3–5 years there will be something better than “crushing dead” ASP.NET MVC should also: P. Well, I have it now. Application of SPA form building (Single-page Application), using front-end javascript and REST API for back-end is also a solution selected by many developers/companies.

The above is just my thinking, what about you?
Share your thoughts/experiences about WinForm / WebForm in the comments section.



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