Providing all of VSCode in the browser

Kyle Carberry
Nov 7, 2018 · Unlisted

A portable and extendable development environment shouldn’t require taking hits to your productivity. Providing exact functionality that your local IDE does is crucial, we get that.

We’re taking IDEs you love and adding all the Coder benefits. Real-time collaboration (in the same filesystem), dynamically scaling resources, and dynamically expandable storage — to name a few. We’ve started this integration with VSCode.

Using VSCodeVim with Coder (in the browser)

Continue using extensions you are used to. We run some extensions in the browser, and some on the server to reduce the load on your device.

Changing version of Go on the fly

We attempt to abstract painful portions of a developers workflow. You can easily switch language versions with a few clicks.

Customizing color and icon themes (uses extensions)

Having no barrier to entry is a must for us. You can use Coder completely free, and optionally upgrade for additional storage, CPU, memory, and networking.

You can try it out now at 🎊

Big thanks and credit to the VSCode team, their tidy and modular codebase is a large contributor to the speed and functionality we provide.

We’re still in alpha, but would absolutely love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions you can tweet me @kylecarbs or @coderhq. Feel free to join our discord and share as well!


Automate Away Development Environments ☁️

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