VS Code on Your Server

Kyle Carberry
Mar 6, 2019 · Unlisted

Coder’s mission is to accelerate a software engineer’s workflow by harnessing the power of the cloud. Today, Coder democratized the cloud-based IDE by open sourcing code-server. Code-server allows VS Code to run on a remote server making it fully accessible through the browser.

Developers ready to embrace the cloud-based IDE can do so without losing features, or control. This means you can code on your Chromebook, tablet, and desktop with a completely synchronized environment. You can spill coffee on your laptop without fear of losing work. If you are an organization, you can standardize development environments across the entire team. You can also take advantage of CPU-bursting cloud instances for compilations and heavy tests.

Coder believes code-server is the future of software development and we are excited to integrate your feedback and ideas. Don’t hesitate to file an issue on our GitHub.

— The Coder Team


Automate Away Development Environments ☁️

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