A Program to Teach the Kids of Hyderabad How to Code

We are launching a new initiative under Coderplex, with the hope to improve the state of tech in Hyderabad in the long run, and that is to teach the kids in the city how to code and give them a good introduction to Computer Science.

The goal for us here is to inspire the kids, make them excited about Computer Science, help them see code as a superpower. And above all, make the learning fun for them.

We believe that, regardless of the career choices of any individual, they should be introduced to Computer Science and learn how to code to some level. Because knowing how to code can help you become a creator and problem solver, which enables you to create solutions for any problem you might come across in your life or society. It also helps in developing strong analytical thinking, which is very useful in life.

There is great power in modern technology, but what use is that power for if there aren’t enough people in the world who can utilize it to address the even greater number of problems in our life? The motivation for learning to code doesn’t need to be limited to building your career in tech, to become a Software Developer or Engineer. It should be seen as a tool you are adding to your arsenal, that will become more and more useful as we move into our tech infused future.

Kids from the School

We have started this initiative at a Govt School in Begumpet, where few of the fellows of Teach for India teach. We have been discussing the idea, and designing the curriculum for the program for the past month and we are ready to do the first session next Saturday i.e. 25th August.

You can checkout the curriculum for our first session, the Introduction to the Program, on our GitHub. And that is a critical aspect of this initiative, it’s openness. We want to run this initiative in a very open and transparent manner, making it possible for anyone to become a part of it and contribute, instead of putting any barricades.

We are doing this because we want your support, we want more people to be involved. Our team consists of people who are full time developers at various companies in the city, or students busy with college, and it is very difficult for us to commit ourselves to this initiate 100%. So instead of the program depending on just the few of us, we want to expand the team and distribute the responsibility. So that, if one person is busy and unable to contribute, someone else can step forward and pick up the slack.

TFI Fellow, Sanskriti, with the kids

If you would like to join this program, be part of designing the curriculum and come down every weekend to the school to teach these kids, then here’s what you can do :

We also have a WhatsApp group, but we’ll add only those people to the group who show genuine passion towards this program, and are actively being a part of it.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments below or in our chatroom.