Wanna become a better software developer in Hyderabad? Join the Coderplex Community Chatroom

Kapil Dutta
Feb 8, 2018 · 4 min read

You can join our chatroom here : https://chat.coderplex.org

Coderplex is a non-profit organization that is working towards improving the state of tech in Hyderabad, by building an active and vibrant developer community which provides support, motivation, confidence and opportunities to all it’s members, so that each of them can progress in their careers as software developers and engineers.

We as a developer community are not constrained by any particular domain or technology. Rather, we think of ourselves as a hub of self-learners. We believe in peer-learning and learning by building projects. We have thousands of people within our community, spread across multiple social media platforms.

We are also building free and open source online self-paced learning guides, that put the structure in self-learning. We manually aggregate resources on a concept level for various modern technologies, and recommend them in a chronological order, as a curriculum, along with some tasks and projects to practice. You can go through a couple of them on our website right now.

We have a very active online chatroom, with hundreds of members, where we engage on a daily basis. We share resources, links, news, ask questions, discuss the latest trends in tech, and help each other learn and progress in our careers. We are trying to build a healthy peer-learning environment for our community members, and we need your participation to make it happen!

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Here are some reasons why you should be joining our online chatroom :

  1. Discover and discuss the latest trends and news in tech, across domains, with the people who are genuinely interested in them

2. Find and share job opportunities for tech positions, from the startup ecosystem and IT industry of Hyderabad

3. Discover quality tips from fellow developers on how to become more hireable and get your dream job!

4. Get updates on all the upcoming tech events and meetups taking place in the city

5. Receive support for getting into the Open Source world and making your first contribution

6. Find peers to build side projects with

7. Plan and meet at our Hackerspace any time of the day, any day of the week, to engage in peer-learning and collaboration

8. Discuss everything about your favorite technology (share resources, links, ask questions) within their respective dedicated rooms

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And all of that for free!

Does that seem like a good enough deal to you?
If yes, then join our chatroom now and help yourself progress in your career as a software developer or engineer!

P.S. If you are on Mobile, we recommend that you get the official Discord app for Android and iOS.

P.S.S. Once you join, know that you mute any channel or even the entire server at any time, so that you are not constantly bombarded by notifications. You can also change settings to only be notified when you are directly mentioned in a conversation.

Bonus : Discord has group voice calling feature. We can use this to conduct things like mock interview, or just talk to each other about tech.


On a mission to improve the state of tech across India

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On a mission to improve the state of tech across India