We’re Re-launching Our Hackerspace For The Developers in Hyderabad

Sai Vamshi
Jul 10, 2018 · 4 min read
Our New Hackerspace

Last year, around this time, we launched the first ever Hackerspace in Hyderabad in partnership with Collab House. The goal of this Hackerspace was to bring self-learning developers together to engage in a peer-learning environment. At that point, we had a history of hosting meetups for one entire year, and felt as if the output our community was generating was very limited. We wanted to create a dedicated space, where our members could come down on a daily basis, and share knowledge, collaborate on projects together. That gave rise to the idea of the Hackerspace, and we ran it successfully for almost 4 months.

But then, our partnership with Collab House ended abruptly and we started looking for a new space to partner with, and settled on Swecha in Gachibowli. We never officially launched our Hackerspace with them, for multiple reasons, but we still had our members from the old space come down to the new space frequently. We even started inviting members from the community openly to just come down to the space when they were free, and hang out with fellow developers.

In the second quarter of this year, we had a reboot of our organization. We started working from 91SpringBoard in Kavuri Hills, and within a couple of weeks of operating from here, the idea of partnering with them to relaunch our Hackerspace came up. We sent them a proposal, had a little back and forth, and at the beginning of last month they agreed to it! So we relaunched our Hackerspace in partnership with 91SpringBoard and started inviting members from our Discord chatroom to come down and take membership.

Over the last one month, we have had 13 members take membership here, who are learning various technologies, from the fundamentals of Computer Science to Web Development and Data Science. But we are hoping to on-board more members, and build a active peer-learning environment.

Joining the Hackerspace can help you in many ways, like becoming friends with fellow developers who are passionate about the same things as you. Spending time at our co-learning space and interacting with your peers can help you in improving your soft skills as well.

Our space is ideal for college graduates who are currently looking for work. By joining the Hackerspace, you can spend your time productively learning modern technologies and updating your skillset, making yourself more hireable at a very affordable price. Our Hackerspace is open 24/7, and you’re free to comedown at any time once you take membership.

If you would like to take membership at our new Hackerspace, you can submit this application form. You will hear back from us soon!

Membership Fee :

For our new Hackerspace, we decided to have a sliding fee. Meaning that, you can take the membership by paying a minimum fee of 1000 Rs per month, but if you think that the fee is underpriced for the value you’ll be receiving in return, you can pay a higher fee out of generosity.

We wanted to maintain a minimum fee to make the membership accessible to students and college graduates who are currently unemployed.

About Coderplex :

Our mission at the Coderplex Foundation is to improve the state of tech in Hyderabad, and gradually across India. We want to build a community of developers across the country with a culture of self-learning, peer-learning and problem solving. We want to help people learn modern technologies, from Web Development to Data Science and AI, and help them build their careers as software developers and engineers. We want to expand the pool of quality developers across many domains and help companies discover the right talent with extreme ease.

Activities You’ll Engage in at the Space :

  • Daily Code Review and Pair Programming exercise with other members
  • Every Wednesday, contribute to some open source projects
  • Every Thursday, participate in causal coding competition
  • From Friday , participate in a casual Hackathon to build something.
  • Once per week, we’ll screen a tech related documentary, movie or TV show.
  • Once per week, we’ll also have volunteer presentation of what you guys have done in the past week.
  • Once per month, we’ll have a mock interview.
  • Once per month, we’ll have a Speed Interview Round with startups from Hyderabad.

Other than that, members will also have access to technical books to read, there will be board games, FoosBall, Table Tennis to relax and play together.

Note : If you would like to receive updates regarding the latest developer events we are hosting in the city, our new initiatives to improve the state of tech here or get to know about developer job openings across the country, then join the Coderplex Community and Chatroom.

If you would like to contact us regarding the Hackerspace, you can write to us at space@coderplex.org.

Sai Vamshi

Written by

Hackerspace Community Manager at Coderplex



On a mission to improve the state of tech across India

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