Get or update Python 3 on your computer

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This is the fastest way to get python on your computer that I know of. And while there are many ways I suggest you use Anaconda. One of the best parts is that Anaconda offers installers for all OSs available. And since Python 2 is going to be killed off around 2020 by Python 3. It is best to get the installer of 3.7 version.

1 — Download the installers for Windows, Mac, Linux. Although like anything else dealing with Linux I assume you already know all of this.

2 — Click through all of the default settings by clicking the “Continue” or “Install” buttons. While you can change the install settings on this page you should still select “install for me only” setting.

(I assume you are using YOUR own computer, NOT a school or work one)

3 — Restart your computer.

And there you are. You should have python on your computer now. But first, read the next sections to make sure you did it right.

Where is the terminal?

If you are unaware of what the terminal is please follow the instructions from learn python the hard way to find out how to get to your terminal on your computer. No matter what OS it is.

To make sure you have the correct Python version

Go to the terminal (don’t type the ‘$’ sign EVER).

1 — In your terminal type $ python --version

You should get back something likePython 2.7.5

2 — If you get back version 2.whatever check for version 3

In your terminal type $ python3 --version

You should get back Python 3.7.0

If you got 3.7. whatever, YAY you did it.

UPDATE python 3

Use the Terminal for the following steps.

If you are in an environment with Python version 3. whatever , the following command updates Python to the latest version in the 3.whatever branch:

conda update python

But if that returns something like:

Solving environment: done
# All requested packages already installed.

And you did not upgrade to the newest available anaconda 3 then try the next step.

The NEWEST Python 3 form of anaconda is 3.7
The following command upgrades Python to another branch — 3.7— by installing that version of Python:

conda install python=3.7

If you do this bear in mind that it will take some time.

Congrats reader! 
I hope that this short article helped you. 
Welcome to a new world of possibilities.