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Snapup — Screenshot as a Service

Hello Folks, I hope you guys are fine and safe in this crisis time. Today I am going to write about our new product Snapup.

What is Snapup?

Snapup is a Screenshot as a Service provider. Snapup has very straightforward functionality to take and schedule a screenshot?

How does it work?

From a technical perspective, we use headless chrome to take screenshots. We provide all the automation features required to do this task. You just need to have a URL, the rest of the stuff is our headache.


Snapup provides a very simple interface, so you can easily take or schedule a screenshot.

URL: The URL of the webpage you want to take a screenshot.

Simulation Device Type: You can simulate the screenshot either for PC or for Mobile devices.

Simulation Region: This gives you the flexibility to browse the webpage from the different virtual locations around the world. We have servers in different regions like Amsterdam, New York, Singapore and more.

Delay: Our system takes the screenshot as soon as the webpage loads. Sometimes you may need to wait a few seconds to load all the contents (like images) of the page. Therefore you can do that with a delay.

Width: Use this option if you want to take a custom size screenshot of the webpage.

Height: Use this option if you want to take a custom size screenshot of the webpage.

Is Full Page: Want to take a screenshot of the full webpage? Just enable this option.

Now click on Snap Now and the screenshot will be available on snaps list within few seconds.

It could be tough for you to take the screenshot frequently, right? No worries, you can schedule a screenshot too.

Title: Title of the schedule. You will be able to differentiate schedules with the title.

Periodic: Configure if you want to take the screenshot hourly or daily.

Now click on Schedule It. The system will now take a screenshot based on periodic time. The screenshot will be available on the snaps list and will be emailed to you as an attachment. Then you could use the attached file as per your need.

Where you can use Snapup?

Get the update of a webpage regularly: Like in this crisis time I want to get the update of coronavirus situation in Bangladesh. But it’s time-consuming for me. So what I did? I just created a daily schedule, snapup will take the screenshot and will send it to my email address.


Snap list:

Schedule list:

Email View:

Content Verification: Let’s say you have published some sponsored content on your webpage and now you need to send proper verification of it to the sponsor. Our tool can help you in this case. Doing content verification using the third party service will maintain transparency and grow trust with the client.

Ads Monitoring: Published ads on some site and worrying about if it’s really showing on the site? Our tool can back you. Schedule a screenshot, our system will browse the site, will take a screenshot periodically and will be emailed to you.

SEO tracking: Want to track your content position in search engines? Our service has the solution for you.

Competition tracking: Worried about what your competitors are doing? What are the promotions they are running? Shift the headache to us. Our service will track on behalf of you and you will get the update from time to time.

Snapup can do much more than these cases. Get in touch with us to get support.

Our standard packages:

Want more features than these? We have premium features as well.

If you want to integrate your service with us to automate the process we have REST API for that. Please check our API documentation:

And don’t forget to send us your feedback, we appreciate it.




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