Coders of Colour Summer Events — Week 1: Introduction to GitHub and APIs

Coders of Colour
Aug 7, 2019 · 1 min read

Our long-anticipated Summer Events have begun!

This week, we started with an Introduction to GitHub and APIs. Our younger group (11 -17-year olds) arrived on Monday excited to learn something new. By lunchtime, they all had a website up and by the end of the day, all their websites were hosted on GitHub Pages with their newly created GitHub accounts.

During the lunch break on Monday, we were lucky enough to have Saskia and Kat from the Tate Digital Learning team give us a short talk on the programmes they run.

On Wednesday, the young people made a start on their websites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript with a couple of attendees hosting their WebApps on GitHub Pages!

Our students said:

“I got stuck at some bits, but it was quite rewarding when I figured out what you didn’t understand initially”

“I enjoyed adding hyperlinks because it was quite easy. I think the hardest part was CSS because it was quite hard”

Thank you Tate Digital Learning, for the space! The Taylor Digital Studio is almost as lovely as the Digital Learning team! We’re excited to use this space over the next four weeks!

Have a look at what we will be doing next week:

Coders of Colour

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