The opportunity could not be more clear. According to a report by McKinsey, freelance portals will create over 150 million jobs globally by 2025.

The global online labor marketplace presents an amazing opportunity to provide work and income to individuals in the most remote parts of the world. This marketplace is growing quickly, and performing work online is gradually becoming mainstream. It is expected that by the year 2020, 1 out of 2 businesses will hire online freelancers and up to 20% of all work will be done online.

Therefore, more new members join online workplace communities everyday and start working on a freelance basis. Freelancing has also become popular in emerging markets because of high salaries, flexible working hours and the freedom to work on projects about which young people are passionate.

Despite the rapid growth, it is still hard to gain access to the vast number of possibilities available. Someone who does not have higher technical skills and technical education cannot take advantage of this trend.

Learning the right skills can be time consuming, difficult and expensive. Millions of people in emerging markets do not have the time or the money needed to invest in education. Even if they did, doing so can be risky. They may end up with an irrelevant education and significant student loans that can become a financial burden for the rest of their life. Furthermore, freelancing can also be a very lonely journey in which workers get stuck solving problems by themselves. This causes frustration, incomplete projects and missed opportunities.

Consequently, 200 million young people worldwide are trapped in poverty and unqualified jobs because they cannot afford higher education.

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