Ferdinand Kjærulff
Mar 4, 2017 · 3 min read

Art has always been appreciated across the world but at the same time, many people don’t see it as a lucrative career path. The term struggling artist is often thrown around when a certain person can’t earn sufficiently through their skills.

However, Nore Potera, proved everyone wrong when she started earning online through her graphic designing skills. For years, she was criticized for her career going nowhere. A little help from CodersTrust and she turned her life around and awed her criticizers.

Discovering CodersTrust

For Potera, the summer of 2016 was the worst. She found herself extremely non-productive as the days passed by. All she did was eat, sleep, watch TV and go out for drinks. She could feel the burden of inactivity creeping upon her. All she wanted was a job that could make her feel like she was doing something productive; make her escape from her daily routine.

She finally found CodersTrust and her non-productive days were about to take a turn for good.

The Misery of Being an Art Student

Potera has studied art because it was her passion. Like any other enthusiastic artist, she was firm in her belief that she could earn just like any other successful professional. However, the world was cruel on her passion. People constantly kept telling her that she was not going to make it big with art. Of course, this was deeply demotivating.

However, Potera was about to prove everyone wrong.

Potera’s Experience at CodersTrust

Potera never believed that she could use a software program to create projects. When she came to CodersTrust, she was amazed to find out that she could not only learn to use these amazing software programs but earn money completing professional projects as well. Until then, Potera was sure that software was not her niche but her experience at CodersTrust proved her wrong as she discovered her new potential.

She did not only learn amazing skills over a couple of months but met some amazing people as well. She was able to learn due to her personal devotion and the motivation she received from her teachers and mentors at CodersTrust.

She is very grateful that she joined CodersTrust. She is glad she met so many different people with their own stories who bring so much more to table.

Potera’s Success

Potera is now working on a great project known as Pick Tick Company. She became the part of this project with four other girls she met at CodersTrust. Together, they have established this startup dealing in event planning. They are running the project by applying the skills learned at trainings from CodersTrust

For Potera, the entire experience has been highly motivating; a contrast to what she had been feeling before. She admits that it gives her hope that she can do more with her potential and it motivates her to push forward. She also encourages other struggling women to join CodersTrust as well.

Join CodersTrust today to learn to code directly from your desktop screen.


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