CodersTrust provides an online Learn & Earn platform for new or existing freelancers to upgrade their skills, enabling them to earn more money on freelance portals.

The students can apply to enroll in an introductory, basic or advanced program depending on their levels of experience and skill sets.

1. The introductory program is aimed at students with little or no IT skills who want to enter the freelance market with a target salary of 150 USD/month.

2. The basic program targets entry-level freelancers who want to upgrade their coding skills so they can earn average salaries of 800 USD/month.

3. The advanced program enables basic-level developers to take advanced coding courses, giving them a target salary of 1.200 USD/month.

Students can choose a free membership that offers a limited amount of benefits, or they can pay a 30 USD monthly fee to enroll. Students who choose the monthly subscription get access to paid course material, live classes, online support from mentors and daily bidding sessions to help them get new jobs.

If a student cannot afford to pay the subscription, he or she can enroll in the program with a loan that is repaid with 10% of his or her freelance earnings. The loan is disbursed using a performance-based model to CodersTrust to cover the cost of the program and to the student’s Payoneer card to cover living expenses.

The student’s earnings are paid out to his or her Payoneer account, and the loan payments are automatically subtracted from the student’s earnings. The automated repayment scheme is displayed in the chart below. The actual monthly repayment model depends on the student and the lender.

CodersTrust enables students to enroll in the best, most competitive online courses from leading providers such as, and The self-paced learning provided by online video lectures is more tailored to individual needs than is traditional, one-size-fits-all classroom training. Students can get help from mentors and their student peers whenever they desire, and they can watch lectures as many times as they need.

Furthermore, CodersTrust’s online educational program focuses on the skills freelancers need to work for international clients rather than the academic content offered by local universities. Getting a job as an online freelancer has much less to do with the university you attended or your grades and a lot more to do with what you can actually do.

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