Our big idea is to provide micro-finance for students to upgrade their skills, so they can earn more money on freelance portals such as, and Let’s meet Ella to explain the full vision of CodersTrust, and why we believe we’re building the worlds most powerfull weapon:

The CodersTrust Platform consist of a testing system to evaluate the creditworthiness of the student, a personalized “Learn & Earn” path with content from leading e-learning portals such as Codeacademy and Codeschool, 24/7 mentor support, daily live classes and a job aggregator to match students with freelance task from more than 10 major portals.

We originally launched in Bangladesh in collaboration with the micro-financial institution Grameen to develop the platform, proof the business case and create a sufficient data-set to scale the student finance platform. We now have historical data on +1.000 students from 7 different countries and a track record of transforming people living in the slum into coders with an average online earning of 400 USD/month in 6–8 month.

We have raised 1.2 M USD from private angels/VC and 1M USD in student funding from financial institutions such as DANIDA/DFID/UNDP/WORLD BANK/ROCKEFELLER/Government of Malyasia and Buthan.

Out next big goal is to partly to launch CodersTrust student cards to disburse student loans. We think of it as delivering freedom on a single piece of plastic.

Another big goal is to launch mobile classrooms to reach the most disconnected and remote areas of the world. We think of it as a pipeline transporting tech workers from the disconnected parts of the world into the new online economy:


Coderstrust Blog

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Coderstrust Blog

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