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3 min readMar 22, 2021


We are proud to announce today the launch of the first cloud platform to create scalable web apps and collaborate directly in your browser. Codesphere offers a powerful solution by combining:

  • code editor
  • git-ops and
  • cloud services

Codesphere boosts the productivity of every developer and is now available for all to use. Our vision is to develop the best and fastest solution for programming scalable Web Apps for developers like you (and us). If you want to develop the new YouTube or Spotify, Codesphere will be your first and best choice!

Until today, it has been hard for developers to set up a smooth, efficient, and cost-effective development infrastructure. We always asked ourselves why developing web apps comes with so many challenges, whether it’s with setting up the dev environment, collaborating on a project, or configuring it.

With Codesphere, we are here to change that. Codesphere provides a new type of cloud provider designed for developing scalable web apps. As opposed to i.e. AWS, GPC, and Heroku, Codesphere’s front-end is an optimized web IDE. See for yourself — we are obsessed with developer productivity and Codesphere is the perfect solution for startups, freelancers, and teams that want to write code without having to first worry about DevOps and infrastructure.

Your code will be live and instantly scalable on prod & dev clusters, monitored with user tracking, and fully tested. It can be visible to the public, your organization, your team, or just yourself. Codesphere lives in your browser, and it provides seamless collaboration by allowing users to collaborate in real-time with friends or colleagues, right in the IDE.

Start new ideas just like that. Just code, create, build and scale as you type. There will be no more “works on my machine” and much more of leveraging productivity. As of now, we support already many technologies and have a lot of exciting features, such as:

  • Multiplayer coding (File Tree, Terminal & Code Editor!)
  • 1-Click deployment
  • Add more power to your apps with the Awake and Boosted plans
  • Sudo access within the terminal
  • Keymaps (vim, sublime, emacs)
  • Light & dark theme
  • Code completion for JavaScript, NodeJs, and TypeScript

What you can expect to be coming very soon:

  • Infrastructure — Horizontal scaling of apps, connect your own domain, connect databases, and test environment
  • Static analysis
  • 1-Click Github checkout, faster than anything you know
  • Template projects
  • API to manage apps programmatically
  • Link sharing
  • User-defined base images and start scripts
  • Version control collaboration
  • Code completion for other languages

and so much more…

This is only just the beginning of our journey and we could not be more thrilled. If you want to follow our journey or just find out more about how to use Codesphere, be sure to check out our latest YouTube video, which you can find here (video). We can’t wait to see what you think!

Sign up now at, get your free credits, invite your friends and see for yourself. We’re just getting started…




NO CONFIG — just code, run and scale web apps in your browser. #justcode