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Five JS Libraries to Help you Build a Standout Personal Website

For web developers, personal websites can be a great way to stand out among the crowd. More than just serving as a way to host your resume and portfolio, the website itself can convey a lot about your creativity, ability to code, and design skills.

Here are five libraries that can help your personal website stand out.

For web developers, a poorly designed personal website can do more harm than good. That’s why it’s helpful to use a design framework like Bootstrap to help make your website both responsive and aesthetically pleasing.

If you haven’t worked with Bootstrap before, it is essentially a library full of CSS and Javascript-based templates, components, and design tools. It can save you a lot of time, especially when it comes to making your website responsive.

If you’re looking to create a great contact form without too much backend work, look no further than EmailJS.

EmailJS is a super-intuitive tool for sending emails securely with vanilla Javascript. In addition, if all you are looking to do is set up a contact form, their free tier will be more than sufficient for your needs.

If you’re a front-end developer and are up for the challenge, ThreeJS allows you to build and render beautiful 3D graphics with Javascript. When done well, this can make your personal website really stand out to hiring managers. Check out these personal websites that leveraged ThreeJS to make themselves more memorable.

Ideally, you want your website to be a top result in google search rankings. A common problem that people face is that the web framework that they are using (such as create-react-app) doesn’t prerender the site’s content and therefore has trouble being crawled by Google’s Web Crawlers. While Google’s bots have gotten better over the years, this can still harm your SEO.

While the James Smiths of the dev world might need to throw in the towel, there are plenty of great tools that can improve your website’s SEO to ensure you’re on the front page. Libraries like NextJS for React and NuxtJS for Vue use Server-Side Rendering(SSR) to increase performance for web crawlers.

If you have content that is frequently being edited or replicated, it may be helpful to have a CMS so you do not have to constantly dive into HTML and CSS to format content. SanityIO is a personal favorite, but there are countless headless CMS’s on the market.

With a CMS, updating resumes, portfolios, and blogs can be seamless.

What did we leave off the list? If you’re proud of your personal website, drop the URL down below.

Happy coding from your friends at Codesphere, the next-generation cloud provider.



NO CONFIG — just code, run and scale web apps in your browser. #justcode

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NO CONFIG — just code, run and scale web apps in your browser. #justcode