My TOP 5 E-COMMERCE conferences 2023

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Jan 23


5. E-Commerce Berlin EXPO
When: 23.02.2023
Where: Berlin (Germany)
Why: A lot of potential users. Free visitor Ticket. Networking.

Berlin is known to be an e-commerce hub in Germany

4. Bits & Pretzels Founders Festival
When: 24. — 26.09.2023
Where: Munich (Germany)
Why: ⅓ StartUps ⅓ Investors ⅓ Corporate. Inspiring speakers (i.e. Arnold Schwarzenegger).

The combination of traditional bavarian wardrobe with high-tech makes this a unique event.

3. eTrade Show — E-Commerce trade fair
When: 02. — 04.03.2023
Where: Warsaw (Poland)
Why: Lots of Ecommerce. Free visitor Ticket.

2. Slush — The world’s leading StartUp event
When: 30.11. — 01.12.2023
Where: Helsinki (Finland)
Why: Amazing. Networking. A lot of Investors. Brilliantly organized.

Slush has built a reputation to be the get-together of the who is who in the startup scene

1.K5 — E-commerce of tomorrow
When: 20.06. — 21.06.2023
Where: Berlin (Germany)
Why: Specialized for E-Commerce. Good contacts. Pioneering.

This is going to be the most pioneering conference. Strong focus on actual e-commerce brands.




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