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A Letter From The CEO’s Chair

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

First of all, please allow me to thank everyone in the CoDeTech Community for your patience with the Core Team. We absolutely understand your eagerness and the frustrations some of you may have. We do, however, want to say that we are progressing fast to finally go live with the Core Blockchain.

Based on the past day’s comments on our social media platforms, we understand that we as the team should put in perspective to the Core Community the current status, challenges, and the processes that need to be followed. You all may very well remember that on several occasions, we were quiet during stressful times prior to big achievements. And as we are entering the final phase before the Core Blockchain goes live, nothing has changed and you can all be assured of the Core Team’s dedicated commitment to delivering the most revolutionary blockchain network and ecosystem to date.

The Final Processes in the Release Phase

Core Blockchain and the things that need to be done prior to releasing Core Tokens

We are releasing a brand new Blockchain. This is not something to take lightly, as it has not been done many times before. To put it into perspective, the release of the Core Blockchain Network could be compared to the launch of Ethereum. Yes, it is that big, indeed.

Before the Core Blockchain, there had been no blockchain that could support ED448 encrypted wallets that could be deployed in a transacting environment. Ledger is the only one to partially support cold wallets with ED448 encryption in their own format. In preparation for the release of Core’s MainNet, Core has created client wallets, and Web3 connectors for any other wallet providers to implement this algorithm. This also allows for exchanges to be able to list Core Token and Core Coin.

Security, final testing, and deployment timeline

The deployment timeline goes hand in hand with ensuring that the security and final testing are fully completed.

As we are still expecting to begin the release process in Q1 of 2022, we have already enhanced the team with additional dedicated security and penetration testing specialists focusing on the various platforms to protect our community members, your digital assets, and the deployment of smart contracts on the Core Blockchain Network. Therefore, our deployment timeline of going live starts first with the blockchain, then Core Smart Contract Platform, followed by the CorePass and Ping Exchange. This release timeline is so complex due to Core Blockchain Network being a completely new Blockchain infrastructure, making it impossible to release any token or digital asset unless all four platforms are fully deployed in the decentralized network.

Deployment of a Distributed Network

With that being said, we also need to ensure that the blockchain is distributed all over the world. Even though you saw the exciting pictures of Core’s server room in Bratislava, we have already deployed nodes and boot nodes in multiple strategic locations on most continents.

As we and the industry itself have been facing rapid growth in demand in the connectivity and data processing, as well as daily frustrations with supply chain issues at some last few identified locations prior to switching to Core’s MainNet, at times, we needed to get creative to find alternative solutions without compromising the Core Blockchain’s security and performance. We are, so to say, in the final stages of deployment of all hardware, and can proudly say that as a PoW blockchain, Core already has the most decentralized node deployment of all PoW blockchains in the world.

Providing participation in mining ultimately contributes to not only the security and protection of the network but will also result in providing the possibilities to deploy Core’s IoT mining infrastructure. The infrastructure will make it possible to contribute to distributing the Core Blockchain Network in remote areas, resulting in an even more distributed and all-inclusive people’s network. More on this will be disclosed in the coming days.

Releasing Core Tokens

Releasing the Core Token platform that is built on the Core Blockchain Network requires the previously mentioned specific wallets to be deployed on the Core Blockchain. This can only be done once the Core Blockchain is live, as the tokens cannot be held by any other blockchain.

Furthermore, to distribute Core Tokens to its owners, we need to release the Core Token Smart Contract Platform that is working in sync with the CorePass application and is all linked up to the Ping Exchange.

To distribute the tokens, we have decided to use the Ping Exchange, as it is the most feasible and the safest way to deploy the tokens. You as the users will be required to use the CorePass to identify yourselves to be able to claim your rightfully owned tokens from the prepaid service offering and or the commissions.

From there on, you will be able to either withdraw your Core Tokens to your CorePass wallet or alternatively be able to start trading them immediately.

Increasing Communication Channel Feed

Advertizing of the Core Blockchain and the Core Ecosystem

On a positive note, we can say that we have finalized the concepts for our first two advertising videos, with a global social media distribution plan that will introduce the Core Blockchain Network and Corepass to the world. Planning and getting to the concepts alone was a job on its own, but we are happy to say that the adverts are now going into production, which will also take some time to complete.

PR and Progress Information Feed

We have discussed with the team that we will start to create more regular updates through Twitter, Telegram, podcasts, blog posts, etc. We will do regular updates and we may occasionally bring some of our team members in to discuss and explain important aspects of the entire Core Decentralized Ecosystem, as well as the Core Blockchain network. We will not only continue with this announcement-based information feeds throughout the release phase of the Blockchain and the initial use cases we have discussed here, but we will also carry on updating you on our progress with the releases of the rest of the Core Ecosystem use cases, such as Wall Money, CorePay, TiNG and MeeTiNG, etc.

Ethical Conduct and Harsh Criticism

One thing we would like to ask our community members is to respect each other and try to keep a professional behavior across all the community chats. We do understand that Paul’s message has caused some confusion. As one of the business development managers, he does get very excited at times and sometimes just wants to lift the spirit in the group. However, we want to emphasize that the only official announcements can come from myself, Ockert, and Matej on behalf of the Core team.

As many of you have pointed out, we also realize that releasing such a huge platform after 9 years of development can never be perfect. The first impression is, of course, always lasting. We, therefore, ask you to be patient and a bit more lenient with the team and certain specific members, and to keep everything within the limits of respect for others across the public channels.

In Conclusion

We want to thank you all for your understanding and patience, but most of all, for your loyalty and support. We feel your frustration, we are just as much frustrated with the daily tasks we have, as we live, breathe, and eat Core 24/7.

We are happy to say that we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and really want to assure you we are still here, reading every message, discussing only what is best for our community. The launch is around the corner, and we will strive to get to it as fast as we can.

Our apologies for the long message and we thank you for reading through it. Take care, stay safe. You will be hearing from us every week.

Kind regards,

Ockert Loubser
Working only for the people
Core Decentralized Technologies



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Ockert Loubser

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