5 Pieces of Advice for Job Seeker Seekers

Looking for a job is exhausting. I’m not saying you have it any easier, future boss. So, if I may, I’m here to make it easier for you!

I’m being very straightforward. That was not a bunch of typos. This one is for you, dear job poster, future interviewer, potential employer.

You can blame my confidence on personal hero, Mindy Kaling. If it helps, read the rest of the text in Chris Evans’s voice.

I have a pet hypothesis regarding the often pointed out fact that there’s a lack of tech employable people. You don’t know how to look for us or how to talk to us. So, consider the following, which in no way represents the views of hirable people out there:

1. Make it easy to apply

We all win.

If I found your listing on a website, let me apply through that website. Don’t make me to go through another website’s application and/or send you an e-mail and/or also send my curriculum and/or my LinkedIn profile link. Simplify the process for both ends. Look, it’s gonna get boring. Trust in me, my resume/profile/LinkedIn say the same stuff.

2. Know what you want from me

Don’t copy and paste another listing’s job description. We spend so much time looking at those and just like you’re going to throw away our black and white resume if it’s not personalized, we’re going to skip through that one or think we saw that before.

Paris Geller, Queen AF, knows what she wants. Be like Paris.

If it’s the first time you’re hiring for that position, research about it… And tailor it to your needs. Don’t ask for skills just for the sake of asking. It takes me so long to decide to apply and I promise you my resume is customized for you. If the process is flawed from the start, you won’t find someone that makes you happy.

3. Single tasking is better tasking

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t want to wear multiple hats. I’m learning and I’m new and I need to focus to be a better employee for you. Not ready to trust me? Trust this podcast!

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Trust me yet? I will have your back every time and I will work hard and I will seek every opportunity to chime in with new ideas and grow and I’m happy to explore where that will take me. But I don’t want to get over-excited and once we start collaborating we’ll see the bridges we can cross.

4. Prepare for the interview

Let’s not waste any time. Know that I will stalk you from the notice until a minute before we meet. Don’t ask me about where I studied because I told you in my resume / LinkedIn / application and it makes me feel you’re not really interested and my confidence will drop. You have every right to ask me about what I did in each past job, how I managed, what I’ve liked and not liked in my learning experiences, reasons… this is a first date, but it’s not a blind date.

I’ve cleaned my SM for you. It’s okay.

If you don’t interview/hire me, let me know. If possible, offer some feedback or to join my network. I want to be part of your world and it’s going to be easier to keep track of me if we’re in each other’s circles than if all you have is an outdated resume.

5. Teach me your ways.

Do. Or do not… But, please, do.

Mentor me. Even if you’re hiring a co-founder, Senior Developer, or CTO, company culture and processes are different. Don’t tell me I can reach you for anything after a one hour on-boarding training, have someone walk me through things and listen to my input and give me feedback. The fact that I am a good fit doesn’t mean I am the best fit yet and I will need support to get there.

Am I asking for too much? Probably. I know what I want. I know how I learn and how I thrive. If you already do this as an employer, kudos. You’re the magical forest where I want to graze with all my Unicorn friends.

And, if this makes sense to you as a job seeker, tell me, share it, and good luck!

Good times are coming!