CODEX Exchange Platform Roadmap [Q1 2019]

2018 was the year of the platform development and polishing (there's always a room for improvement, though). If you haven’t heard about CODEX exchange before, now is the time. We invite you to deep dive into our platform roadmap for Q1 2019.


Committed to providing an entirely productive and exceedingly rewarding crypto experience, we continually enhance CODEX exchange platform by integrating advanced tools, killing bugs and releasing new features.

This way, in addition to near-zero trading fees, multi-layered security, and generous reward system, we have already managed:


To make sure our users have a clear understanding of what we are working on and a clear vision of the platform’s future developments, we have prepared an up-to-date roadmap. It is meant to emphasize our current priorities and outline critical milestones lying ahead.


1. To Improve Your Trading Experience:

Broker Account

& Authorization Of Trust
Striving to accommodate different user needs, we will make it possible for our users to delegate both the management of funds and digital assets trading to their trusted brokers. To become an officially recognized broker on CODEX Exchange, every broker will have to complete KYC verification, including Skype interview. The cession of rights will be realized in accordance with both individual user requirements and predefined security standards, preventing trustees from unauthorized actions of any kind (e.g., foreclosing funds withdrawal).

Fiat Pairs

& Completely Convenient Way to Buy Crypto
Since we have obtained licenses to provide crypto-fiat exchange services, we plan on introducing fiat trading pairs already in the first quarter of 2019. Meaning that soon CODEX users will have a possibility to purchase Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies in exchange for USD and EUR using their regular credit/debit cards.

Matching v.2

& Unlimited Improvements
Did you know that our new matching engine is written completely from a scratch? We work every day to develop our own trade engine and accelerate the matching process. Currently, we are testing the latest upgrades to ensure uninterrupted, painless trading experience within the CODEX platform. Upon delivering we will be able to support thousands of transactions per second. Sounds great, isn't it?

Notification Bell

& Burdenless, Unobtrusive Updates
We are going to add a new tab on the CODEX website, containing big news and small announcements about the exchange. The goal is to deliver timely alerts and notifications to CODEX users without having them leave the platform.


& Inter/Cross-Platform Transactions
For a while now, we have been working on the development of the electronic voucher system that will enable our users to transfer funds across their accounts on the platform (or even send funds to friends' accounts) in no time and without any fees. Currently, we are evaluating the possibility of using QR-code technology to support the idea realization.

2. A Few Useful Things:

Open Source Omni Wallet

& The Desktop Version Of USDT Support
As some of you may know, so far, there was not a single desktop version of a USDT-supporting wallet, available to the public. However, it does not mean it never existed. We have built one using the Electrum Wallet Fork. It used to serve internal purposes only, at first. But we wanted to take it to the next level. So now we are working on a new, better version to introduce to the crypto community. Simple, practical and intuitive, the very first desktop version of a USDT-compatible wallet will be in open access and available for download on our Github page in a short term.

Multi-Language API Library

& No-Nonsense Readings
To help our users build highly functional trading bots or any other tools that bring about successful yet undemanding cryptocurrency trading, we have created our very own API Node.js Library that we update and expand on a regular basis. At the moment, we are tweaking the release to make sure there are no sagging gaps or annoying bumps. The finalized version will soon be available on CODEX Github page.

3. For EOS Community:

EOS Wallet Implementation

And Free EOS Account Registration Opportunity
In the first quarter of 2019, we will introduce our very own EOS Wallet, allowing for exceptionally secure storage and completely smooth transactions of EOS cryptocurrency. Not only will it support EOS-based coins or facilitate critical interactions with EOS blockchain, but it will also provide CODEX users with a rare opportunity of a free EOS account registration (and yeah, creating a new EOS account is not free). The offering will be limited so that we don’t waste resources and minimize spam.

EOS Staking Under Your Control

& The Concerns, Associated With It
Providing CODEX users with absolute control over their assets is another milestone we aim to surpass in the nearest future. We have managed to work out a foolproof system that guarantees our users exclusive access to their funds so that they never have to worry about their EOS coins being unjustly used for staking or any other purposes neither by our platform, nor anyone else.

EOS 1-Click Login With Private Key

& A Shortcut To CODEX Account
Committed to driving the adoption of digital assets, we strive to simplify crypto by all means possible. For EOS users, for example, we will implement a solution, allowing to access our platform easier and faster, without having to compromise on security standards. With different EOS wallets integration our users will be able to use a private key to log into a CODEX account securely and without exposing it to the website.

We welcome Daniel Larimer, eosio, EOS Community Forum to follow our progress on contributions made for the beloved EOS community.

Disclaimer: The information provided does not constitute as a financial advice. The following information is subject to change, given the market volatility and unpredictable demand. Delays may apply. Keep in touch with CODEX in social networks:

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