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Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It’s not a new language programming language.

It’s here since the early 90s. It grew slowly but steadily, continuously making improvements while gathering developer community support.

If it was not for the online developer community; python would not be here. Thanks to them, we have these helpful resources which help you to master python for free.

Once you become a python master, don’t forget to give back to the community.

If you want to write efficient python code this article provides some really interesting tips and tricks.

I divided the resources in different types based on the category they belong to.

Best Python Blogs to follow as a beginner

1. Real Python

Real Python have articles from absolute beginners to the experienced one. Python basics, Django, flask, web scraping you name it, you will find a in depth article to improve your knowledge.


Real Python homepage

2. Official Python Docs

There is not better place to learn something then from the creator himself. Well Guido Van Rossum is not going to teach us python but the official python docs are state of art. Although keep in mind for a beginner it might take some time to get use to.


3. Guru99 full python tutorial for beginners

Another blog which have all the basics from installation and setup of python to advance python libraries. The content is divided into sections to ease the navigation.

Link —

4. Invent with python Books and exercises is a beginner friendly learning website created and maintained by AI Sweigart. Yes he is the writer of famous book Automate the boring stuff with python. He dedicated most of his time to teach people how to code and shared most of his eBooks for free.

If you are interested about programming exercises you should check python programming exercises, gently explained book. It’s intended for beginner and intermediate level programmers. It also consist of simple explanation of each problem in the exercise to help nurture you into the next level of python proficiency.


Inventwithpython homepage

5. Learn Python Programming by programiz

Another amazing website contains a step by step python tutorials divided by sections. Major chunks of the tutorials are beginner friendly.

Link —

Free Python Courses for Beginners

6. Programming For Everybody by University of Michigan

This course is created by Charles Severance from University of Michigan. This course does not need per-requisties and its totally beginner friendly.

Link —

7. Introduction to Python programming with Python by Harvard

If you are beginner and want to start with your development carrier with python then Harvard CS50 is a great choice. This course is create by David J. Malan.

Link —

8. Freecode Camp

It’s one of the largest collection of tutorials blogs and videos related to programming and development. Either you are an beginner or an expert they have something for you.

Python course Link — Learn Python — Full Course for Beginners

9. Google’s Python Class

If you know other OOP languages and now translating to python then Google’s python class can help you out. It offer end to end articles, videos and tasks to better understanding python in no time.

Link —

Google python class homepage

10. Codecademy Learn Python 3

Link —

Video Collections

11. PyVideo

Youtube is arguably one of the best places where we can find ton of tutorials in any topic. But it’s not the only one video sharing platform.

People often upload python related content in Linkedin, Dailymotion, vimeo, Facebook etc. Also there are some cases when some content creator prefer to self-host there content. Keeping track all of them and find the best content for you becomes hard.

This is where PyVideo come forward to rescue us. If finds and index all latest python related event videos across the internet. You can search for a specific content or filter a specific event based on speaker, tags, event and language.

Link —

12. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python

Most of the beginner programming courses does not talk about computational thinking and fundamental algorithms like searching and sorting. In later stages of our career this concepts are essential for becoming efficient developer.

Link —

13 .

In calmcode you can start from scratch with short video tutorials grouped into different categories. Currently there are more than 652 videos in 87 categories.

Link —

Interactive Practice websites


If you want to improve your programming skills while meeting some interesting people; Exercism is the place go. There community is one of the best and will guide you to improve your programming techniques.


15. Python Challenge

This is one of the most interesting python puzzle game. The website is currently old now but still the community is pretty active. The challenges can get little trick for beginners but solving them is satisfying and fun.


16. Snakify

If your style of learning is through easy to follow steps, theory and a bunch of various exercises. Then snakify could be a great choice for you.

Link —

Curated GitHub list

17. Awesome-python

As the name suggest it’s a list of awesome python libraries, frameworks, software and resources.

Link —

18. Algorithms

It have more than 500 algorithms from compressions to dynamic programming. You can use those codes to build and write complex programs.

Link —

19. Easy-python

It is an incredible source of different libraries and source codes in a doc format.

Link —


20. Python Bytes

Python Bytes podcast updates weekly developer news curated from twitter, reddit and other news sources.

Link —

21. Podcast.__init__

Podcast.__init__ if you are interested in python interview, experience stories; you should give this podcast a chance. You will get the most value for your time spent listening.

Link —

22. Talk Python to Me

Talk Python to Me focuses on people and organizations coding with Python. Each episode is fill with 1 hour casual conversation with industry experts.

Link —

Bonus —, Learn Engine

Aigents have a collection of free learning resources for machine learning and data science that we’ve gathered from all over the internet.

If you’re new to these fields and need guidance, we have a helpful roadmap to help you become a machine learning engineer or data scientist.

By logging in with LinkedIn, you can organize and bookmark your favorite resources to help you keep track of your progress and stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

Overall, our collection of resources can help you get started or improve your skills in machine learning and data science. Give it a try and see what you can learn! homepage

Link —


There are many more free resources available to learn Python or data science topics. Tried my best to keep this article as comprehensive as possible, but did I miss any resource that you recommend?

Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know!

Be curious, keep learning and stay willing to learn new things until we meet next time!

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Thanks for reading! if you like this, it will boost me to work hard and feel free to give your feedback and suggestion through comment to improve my work. 😊

Until next time, take care of yourself, your family, your extended family(neighbors) and friends, stay safe and healthy !

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