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The 3 Key Steps to Ace Your Tech Interview

Follow these steps to secure the job

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You could be the best programmer out of all the applicants, but if you mess up the interview you’re not getting in. It’s unfortunate, but social skills are still incredibly valued.

But there’s no need for panic. If you know how to code you’ve already accomplished the hardest part. Learning the ins and outs of interviews will take time and experience. You can reduce the time taken with these tips.

Most of these are universal and will apply no matter what field you work in. You should still take some time to think before blindly applying any tips to your life.

Learn about the company

For some this is obvious, but there are many young guys I’ve talked to who miss this. If you barely know anything about where you’re applying to they are not going to hire you.

The bare minimum you need to do is read the company’s “About Us” page. This can help you clean the main points and goals of the company. In reality, you should do more than this.

Here are five things I recommend researching:

  1. The company’s history
    This guarantees that you know how the company got started and what got them to where they are now. Knowing the history of the company will also make them more likely to hire you.
  2. What services and products they offer
    This is critical. Knowing what they offer and what industry they serve in is a huge advantage. Use the information you learn to persuade the company. Show them why you can help them improve their current services.
  3. Their vision and plans for the future
    Similar to the last point, knowing what a company is looking to do is important. When you know their future plans, you have another way to persuade them to hire you.
  4. The company’s work culture
    If the company isn’t small, you can usually find discussions online about its work culture. This will make sure you show up to the interview with the right attitude.
  5. The key members of the company
    People like the main managers, interviewers, CEO, and other key members will appreciate that you know them. Everyone wants to feel significant and you knowing them will leverage that to make you more likable.

Prepare to answer scenarios

Most interviews for tech companies will most likely ask you scenario-based questions. These can be anything from a wide variety of different categories.

Preparing to answer these is important because they reveal your skills, ethics, and personality. Most companies will only hire people who will be good employees on top of being good programmers.

The main two categories and some tips to answer them:

  1. Ethical Scenarios
    These questions will be looking to see what your ethics are. These questions are often aimed to either see if you’ll follow rules or the benefit of yourself or your friends. The best thing you can do is to solve the scenarios in a way that benefits the company but doesn’t seem heartless.
  2. Technical Scenarios
    These questions test your coding skills and your problem-solving skills. These are often some fairly simple tasks, like sorting a list. The best way to get through these is to practice general problems on LeetCode or similar platforms.

Practice your soft skills

I’ve talked many times about how essential soft skills are. At the end of the day, they are the most crucial skills to get you a job, advance in your career, and negotiate pay raises.

This is why improving them is the best thing you can do for yourself. Soft skills will also improve the rapport you have within your team and the company once you actually get hired.

Some of the most important soft skills include being able to explain your code to non-tech experts, simplifying concepts, and converting findings into actionable information.

Working on these is difficult, but you can practice by trying to explain a concept to a friend or family member. Whatever method you go with, you will gain a huge advantage by having better soft skills than your competition.

If you want to learn more about soft skills check out this article:

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