3 Rites Before Coding That Increase My Productivity

Inspired by neuroscience researches

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I’m a proud fan of science. Neuroscience and psychology are my favorites.

Also, I’m an employee in a big tech company. My core responsibilities there are to develop products and write code. Frankly speaking — to use my brain as well as I can.

What are the chances that my job performance can be complemented by science passion? — Pretty high!

I’ve found a way to increase my personal efficiency while coding. Based on the neuroscience researches, which I love so much. It took me years of investigation and experimenting. But here are the astonishing results.

3 rituals that I perform at the opening of each working day.

Warm Up Your Brain

Your brain works 24/7. So you may say that it is “warmed up” all the time. But it’s essential to understand that brain has different operating modes.

Watching Netflix and doing mental calculations activate distinct brain departments.

Switching these modes is an energy-consuming task. Plus, it requires extra time. That’s why you need to give a hint to the brain, explaining what to expect. Prepare yourself for work. Pump some extra blood.

This way process gonna go smoother and faster. Here are the 3 most effective ways to do it.

1. Brainteasers

Any kind of task that requires mental effort to perform. Sudoku, mental arithmetic, quiz. Even refreshing in memory a verse you learned many years ago.

Personally, for me, it’s the worst way to warm up. It’s really complex to force yourself to do some math or quiz at 7 a.m. (the time when I prefer to start work)

Also, it requires extra materials and preparations to start. Clearly, this one is not the best.

2. Massage Your Neck and Ears

The massaging neck improves blood circulation in your head. This way, you give your brain more oxygen. And oxygen is one of 3 secret ingredients that make the brain function.



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