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6 Ways how AI drove Innovation at the Olympics in 2021

If you watched the games, you had noticed that AI was massively present at the Olympics this year.

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A growing number of AI technology has been used to analyze athlete performance, predict the likelihood of victory, perfect moves, and define strategies during the last years.

And if you watched the games, you may have not noticed that AI was massively present at the Olympics this year, but believe me:

AI was present in everything from robotic guides to enhanced viewing experiences, helping to revolutionize even sports storytelling.

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The Olympics at the reign of the Technology

Connecting Japan and technology is nothing new. It should not surprise anyone that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was a world-class showcase of innovative technology in many ways.

Even in the absence of a public presence due to the new coronavirus pandemic, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) tools aided athletes and committees in their Olympic experience during the whole event.

It was clear that artificial intelligence and 5G were two of the most important technologies used in this year’s Olympics, aside from well-known Japanese robots.

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Sports and Artificial Intelligence

Emerging technology advancements have always been historically linked to Olympic games, with tools and connections that have changed the lives of spectators, fans, and event organizers, as well as athletes across the years.

Only in 1948, in London, was the photo finish introduced. In 1988, in Seoul, the arrival of swimming was determined by sensors in the pool.

In 2021, cameras and artificial intelligence contribute to several sport like volleyball, badminton, and tennis where minor…



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