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AI in Book writing and Software coding

Artificial Intelligence for Books and Software

While you are writing this piece of software with your favorite IDE, this codeveloper powered with artificial intelligence is simply and smartly analyzing your codebase and finding the expected bugs and technical problems you will have to face. it does it using not only your code bases but also the code base of all these modules that your software depends on. More than finding the expected bugs and technical problems, this codeveloper also finds before you need them all documentation, links, and solutions of these bugs and technical problems.

If instead of software you are interested in books. You could just replace the word software with the word book in the paragraph above and you get the co-writer who follows you along your book writing journey, analyzing all your writing and finding relevant content that you should read to make your book richer but it doesn't do only that it also brings you examples for illustrating your point of view and data for proving the fact you're talking about like providing instantly the revenues and growth chart of this startup or company you're talking about. You can build all these ideas but you need to be specific about your audience by not trying to make it for everyone. Being specific will help be remarkable and remarkable companies and startups always.

it can be useful to read this book for these ideas

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