An Intro to Metaprogramming in Ruby

Sandra To
Sandra To
Apr 5 · 4 min read
Example for metaprogramming in ruby with define_method

Automagical Properties in Ruby

A word I often see mentioned in Ruby documentations and question boards is the word “automagical”. On the surface, it really does seem like Ruby has automagical variables and methods. However, there is a lot that Ruby does behind the scene, and metaprogramming is the key behind this automagical association.

Defining Metaprogramming

There are various definitions floating around the Internet that try to explain what metaprogramming is. Here are a few:

“Metaprogramming allows programs to create methods on the fly instead of having to define them in the program itself.”

So… what does it really mean?

To really explain what metaprogramming is, we’ll look at three examples:

  1. define_method
  2. method.missing

Monkey Patching

A very powerful and potentially dangerous aspect of Ruby is the ability to open any class and alter its variables and methods. Let’s observe some metaprogramming at work.

Danger of Monkey Patching


Having now gained a better understanding of how metaprogramming works, we can dive into a slightly more advanced class method in Ruby called define_method. The primary use of define_method is to create methods at application runtime.


Our last example will show us one of the most powerful methods of Ruby. The method_missing method allows us to call on methods that do not exist, and define them on the fly.


Let’s revisit the definitions from the beginning of this article:

More Metaprogramming


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